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  1. Consistent vs. Streaky

    Who do you think has more potential in the long run?
  2. Consistent vs. Streaky

    Would you rather be someone that shoots pretty consistent numbers (68-78?) in tournaments, or someone that can vary hugely, shooting something like 64-85? Which do you think is better?
  3. My Swing (Unforgiven93)

    So for one of the bigger tournaments I played in this summer, I kept track of what caused bad scores.  It is written poorly, but in general each comma separated item is a different day... I shot +9 over 4 days in this tournament.  It was played 7349 yards, 75.8/149, but I don't think it played anywhere near that course rating. #1 Par 5 552 yards, played the hole  -1 - hooked drive x2, bad punch shot, bad chip #2 Par 4 425 yards, played the hole +2 - missed 4 footer, hooked tee shot x2 #3 Par 3 207 yards, played the hole   E - missed green left and right, good up and downs #4 Par 4 416 yards, played the hole   E - pulled tee shot x2 #5 Par 5 616 yards, played the hole  -2 - pulled tee shot x2, bad chip #6 Par 4 390 yards, played the hole  -1 - 100 yard snap hook tee shot, over drawn wedge, wedge over green #7 Par 4 458 yards, played the hole +2 - 3 putt, cut tee shot behind tree, punched out #8 Par 3 195 yards, played the hole +2 - iron left plugged in bunker, hit over green into other bunker, different day missed tee shot right, cut too hard #9 Par 4 469 yards, played the hole   +1 - pulled tee shot, wedge over green, wedge fat, short wedge #10 Par 4 472 yards, played the hole   E -  pull hook tee shot, missed 4 footer #11 Par 4 341 yards, played the hole +1 - tee shot sliced right (3 iron) + bad chip, left a 6 footer short, over drawn wedge #12 Par 4 425 yards, played the hole   E - missed 6 footer short, missed 5 footer #13 Par 3 191 yards, played the hole  -1 - bad club choice ended plugged in bunker short #14 Par 5 522 yards, played the hole  -1 - bad chip that went long, left a tough greenside bunker shot in the bunker #15 Par 3 210 yards, played the hole   E - bad putt from the first cut + missed 5 footer #16 Par 4 465 yards, played the hole +4 - missed tee shot right x2, bad punch 6 iron over green, bad chip, bad wedge, missed 3 foot putt #17 Par 4 419 yards, played the hole +1 - 3 putt #18 Par 5 576 yards, played the hole +2 - pulled tee shot x4, accidentally drawn wedge x2, 3 putt Trends that I saw: bad off the tee, mostly pulls or hooks... leading to several bad scores. Rough finishing on both the front and back 9, and lots of drawing short shots when I wasn't expecting it.. which is weird and has been a problem for me this year out of nowhere. I made 1 eagle, 11 birdies, 39 pars, 20 bogeys, and 1 double.  If I could get my tee shots under control, I bet that would have shaved 10 shots off this score.
  4. I want Turbulators to help me drive it long with the PING G30 Driver! I predict that the BLUE (East Coast) TEAM will win the 2015 Newport Cup by a score of 30.5 to 23.5 . The MVP will be @jamo with 10 points won.
  5. Crazy or Unique Driver Head Covers

    I rock Darth Vader on my SLDR.  He strikes fear into my opponents. I hum the Vader theme song as I pull out the driver to smash the ball 415 on average (It's the internet so I have to add like 130 yards to my average drive, right?)
  6. The Master how to become a "Professional Golfer" thread?

    I'm going to join in on this conversation. In order of importance, IMO: 1. Talent 2. Work ethic/drive to be the best 3. Money Absolutely some people have more natural talent than others, in all aspects of life, not just golf.  I'm not sure how anyone could dispute that.  Everyone is different, if you had two identical people who had never played golf before hit 100 balls a day on the range with the same swing coach for a year, they would never end up with the exact same skill level after a year.  There could be a huge difference.  One person will characteristically be better certain than the other, for whatever reasons.  Working hard at something can only get you so far, you have to have a natural talent if you want to be one of the best. If you have the natural talent, you have the work ethic to put in 6 hours of practice a day, and you have the financial backing that you can practice 6 hours a day without living on the street, I think you could make it.  You have to be able to play under pressure to play well, too, but I think that can be learned much easier than my top 3 choices.  Every tournament you play in you'll get more comfortable being in pressure situations.
  7. My Swing (Unforgiven93)

    The company I'm interning at right now basically told me that they will hire me when I graduate... and it is a great company... It will be tough to turn an offer from them down, but I think I'm going to have to. It is what I want in my gut.  Since I started playing when I was 14 I have dreamed of being a pro, or at least qualifying for some smaller pro tournaments... but I'm also a very rational and cautious person so I always told myself there was no way that would ever happen.  Well, now that I'm starting to put up some numbers in bigger amateur events, without a coach, without a solid practice plan, without playing more than 3 months out of the year, I'm starting to believe in myself more. Also, boiler up!
  8. My Swing (Unforgiven93)

    Yeah, I don't expect to be tour (mini tour) ready at all when I get there. But I think I can get there with hard work for a few months. I'm just mostly concerned with the fact that I'm a very consistent "good" player, and not one of the streaky good players who goes super low every now and then. That is what it takes to win tournaments in my opinion. But, if I can get to a place where my "very consistent 'good'" play is about 2 or 3 strokes better than currently, I'll be in a good spot in every tournament I play in. As far as finances go, I think my dad would be willing to give me a loan to make it the year. I talked to him about wanting to do this and he told me he definitely thinks I should, but we didn't talk about money.
  9. My Swing (Unforgiven93)

    These are my summer results from tournaments.  10 tournament rounds, average yardage 6961, average course rating 73.94, average slope 142.8. Tourney finishes: 1st (even par 144), 3rd (-3 69), T19 (+3, 75), T30 (+9, 73-77-73-74), and a MC. par 3 par 4 par5 total score holes played 40 100 40 180 eagle 0 0 2 birdie 6 14 13 par 24 55 17 bogey 8 26 8 dbogey 1 5 0 tbogey 1 0 0 to par +7 +22 -9 20 average 3.175 4.22 4.775 74 percentages par 3 par 4 par 5 holes played 40 eagle 0% 0% 5% birdie 15% 14% 33% par 60% 55% 43% bogey 20% 26% 20% dbogey 3% 5% 0% tbogey 3% 0% 0% Really need to work on my par 4 scoring.  It is mostly off the tee that causes me to make bad scores.  If I could hit the fairway I think I would average under par, as I said earlier.
  10. Worst Shot of the Week

    Dan, I did a similar thing one time.... Almost hit a girl at my high school like 5 years ago. I'm just going to go with worst hole, instead of shot. 560 yard par 5. I topped a tee shot into a pond. Re tee. Hit it in some bunkers, 245 out still. Flubbed my bunker shot into the water right in front of the bunkers. Dropped in the same spot. Smacked it up by the green, got it up and down from 45 for triple. Pure.
  11. My Swing (Unforgiven93)

    Mvmac, thanks for all of that. I appreciate it. I glad I finally have some stuff to work on. I've really just been trying to improve some basic things for the last few years, it'll be nice to try some new stuff for once.
  12. My Swing (Unforgiven93)

    Why can't you help me decide if it is a good idea or not? If you were in my position, what would you do? Or if you were giving advice to your friend what would you say? The plan part is a good point. I probably get back to +2 so quickly every summer because I've been there before. Taking it to the next level would probably take a lot longer and a lot more strategy. I've never had any kind of practice plan or anything before. I've always just hit balls, practiced chipping and putting, and played. I don't do drills, I don't practice a lot of new things, just repeat old things. I still have a year and a half left of school, so I have a lot of time to figure this all out.
  13. My Swing (Unforgiven93)

    That's exactly how I feel. I know the guys even on mini tours are incredible and I may not succeed at all. But I'm going to graduate with a great degree from a great school with a good GPA, so I should be able to take a year off after college and still get a job. I'm just not a risk taker (off the golf course that is :P) and this is a big risk.
  14. The "Stop Conning Yourself" Thread

    I've been thinking about what I "con" myself with... And the only thing I can come up with is playing weekend rules. I feel bad because I don't always play 100% by the rules when I play with my dad or friends who aren't that good. I try to just play how they play. My handicap is made up of 80% tournament rounds though, so that is mostly legit. I may just start only posting tournament rounds. I actually play better in tournaments usually. Actually I was curious so I just put in my tournaments from this summer and calculated a handicap using just those... (11 rounds) and it came out +2.1! So I don't feel bad anymore.
  15. My Swing (Unforgiven93)

    Felt good. Going to keep doing it. I think it will help me keep my head steady and behind the ball through impact. So this isn't the place to post this, but I don't want to start a new thread... I'm thinking about following a dream of at least being competitive on mini tours. If I'm decently successful there then who knows. If I don't do it right after college I probably won't have a chance. I've played golf for 8 years, only taken it seriously since around the time I made this "my swing" thread (4 years). Currently in school for mechanical engineering and minoring in physics, so I don't get hardly any time to play during the school year... Every summer, I start at about a 3 or a 4 handicap, and in about 2.5 months I get down to an 80% tournament score based handicap around where I am now (last summer I got to +1.8, this summer I've played less but I'm to +1.6 right now). I've never had the opportunity to play for more than about 4 months straight. I'm thinking about moving somewhere south after I graduate, and giving myself 1 year of golf being my full time job. Just to see if it is even possible. I've never played very much compared to the good players and I will always regret it if I don't figure out how good I could have been. I'm concerned that I don't have the ability to go really low like other people though. You ask any normal +1.6 and they will tell you they have shot 63 or something. I've never had the knack for going really low. My best round still is -5 on an easy course, -4 twice in tournaments on decently tough courses. I tend to shoot decent scores on hard courses (72-75) that end up being scratch because of such a high course rating. But rarely super low. I hope that will come with time... I'm getting better at going low though, slowly. I've had a -4 and -3 in tournaments this summer, and probably 3 around that number not in tournaments. I'm mostly talking to myself here, trying to get up the courage to actually try this. Literally everyone I ask tells me I should. It will cost me a lot of money, but, like I said earlier, if I don't do it now I'll probably never get a chance. If you have any thoughts feel free to weigh in.