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  1. The 2011 British Open

    "On the tee from South Afcria, Annie Els!"
  2. My swing (henrik_s)

    Hi, I finally got around to filming my swing today and I would love some feedback from you guys. I've never seen my swing on video before and it's been eye-opening. A few points I've considered: My grip seems really strong Is my swing too steep? Weak impact position Not enough weight shift You can't see the ball because of the mat divider, but I hope the video's not completely useless. Any feedback is much appreciated.
  3. To flat or not to flat

    Take a look at this: http://www.ping.com/pdfs/PING_Color_Code_Chart.pdf
  4. The secret to golf: Never wear pink in a playoff

    Is no one liking the beard?
  5. "Real" Golfball Producers ?

    Titleist is owned by Acushnet.
  6. Masters Website Script Errors

    The bugs seem to be connected to the US-only live coverage, it works fine (including live coverage) through a proxy or VPN.
  7. Tilt-forward tees. Legit?

    I'm thinking it should be "slicing" instead of "slice".
  8. 2010 Ryder Cup

    Viasat Golf?
  9. PS3 Move Golf Playing

    Won't it feel weird without the weight of a club?
  10. I Learned An Important Lesson Today...

    Ryan Moore .