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  1. greg_08 added a post in a topic Huge slice problem after injury/surgeries   

    Thanks so much for the advice.

    I definitely know I am still weak in my ankle. I still have a lot of scar tissue to get through and have limited range of motion in both. I will probably have to get one of the flat pillows you are talking about. I used to use one in PT when rehabbing after surgery, and I really feel like it will strengthen the "balancing" muscles (whatever the technical term for that is).

    As for now, I might just keep the driver in the bag. There's no use overexerting myself now and risking a back injury, or with my luck, re-injuring the ankle.
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  2. greg_08 added a topic in Instruction and Playing Tips   

    Huge slice problem after injury/surgeries
    Hi all. I was wondering if anyone could help me out.

    I am 24 and have been golfing since I was about 4 years old, going to camps every year when I was younger and taking lessons off and on over the years.

    I have had two pretty bad injuries that kept me off the course for a little while (both knee and ankle surgery, pins put in and taken out, 4 surgeries total over 3 years).

    So that being said, I have gotten back to playing last November, and play regularly, almost weekly, since.

    My problem is in my drive. My short and medium game is fine, if not better than it has ever been. BUT my drive is wayy off. I have never had a slice problem before, but for the last year, I have had it almost consistently except for a few rounds here or there.

    I have looked at my swing, done all the go to "fixes" as far as grip and positioning, but nothing seems to work. I have a Medicus driver that I have used with success in the past, and have gone back to using that, and have no breaks in my swing. I just can not figure it out.

    Any advice from anyone coming back or who has come back from an injury like this? What have you done to compensate?
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  3. greg_08 added a post in a topic Random Yardage Question   

    worked for me on my irons!
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  4. greg_08 added a post in a topic Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?   

    I'd rather watch Mickelson and his backward's shots
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  5. greg_08 added a post in a topic Best Shot of the Week   

    deep lie in the rough 150+ yards to the green for birdie putt
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