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Re: Have you ever met a PGA Tour Pro?

Roberto de Vicenzo stayed at our house during a tournament in Mexico in the early 60's. My Dad met him at the bar, they became friends and he stayed with us for a couple of nights and then we drove him to the airport. I recall he was a very nice gentelman. Now he lives in Argentina.
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If this morning is any indication I wouldn't have known it if I did meet one. :doh:


I was mowing the driving range and one of the boys that's an instructor came up with what appeared to be his parents. I stopped the tractor and chatted for a minute and asked the kid if a golf club I found on the range might be his.


Later, when I went to sign in my hours, I found out the father played on the PGA Tour and his name was Jim Gallagher. I still didn't think much of it and figured he might have been somebody that hung around for a little while and never finished very high.


Then when I got home I looked up his name and heck the guy won 5 times, finished 2nd in a PGA Championship, and was on Ryder Cup and President's Cup teams.


Of course all of that was before I even knew what golf was. ;-) 

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Met a ton from my time as a caddie but as far as off beaten path I hung out with Anthony Kim 2 nites ago. He's a really nice guy fwiw
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Originally Posted by atxpkrgolf View Post

Met a ton from my time as a caddie but as far as off beaten path I hung out with Anthony Kim 2 nites ago. He's a really nice guy fwiw

What the hell happened to Anthony Kim anyway?

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Me neither. But I wouldn't mind shadowing Fred Couples. His swing seemed so smooth, and I always got the impression that his attitude, in general, is so easy going that I wouldn't mind some pointers.



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I've met Jim Furyk via Fluff. He's the only current PGA pro I have spoken with to any degree. In passing I have shook hands with Adam Scott, and few other UNLV alumni. Now from the old guys I have had conversations with Tommy Watson, and Jack Nicklaus to name a couple. Watson I met after a few tournaments he played in. Nicklaus I met at a golf course design meeting I was part of.  I did meet, and shake hands with Palmer when I youngster. He and my dad had some sort business meeting. He asked me if I was going to be a golfer when I grew up. I told him NO,  that I was going to play baseball. When I was working, I built some PGA guy's home, but I forgot his name.  


I guess my biggest claim to fame was getting crushed by some little high school gal by 15 strokes. From the men's tees. I happen to get paired up with her and some I guy I think was her dad. Inbee Park was the youngster's name. What a fun round of golf I was fortunate to watch that day. 

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Originally Posted by Grndslmhttr3 View Post

What the hell happened to Anthony Kim anyway?

Achilles surgery and back surgery lately. He's doing rehab
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I've met a couple.  Never had a unpleasant encounter.  That's both in the context of tournaments and socially.  And that's both the big names and the lesser lights.  I'm sure there are jerks out there, and also decent guys having a bad day or feeling the pressure.  I do generally wait until I'm introduced or there's some reason to interact.

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I met a former European Tour player at my local pub a few months ago. Had a few pints with him, it was mid day and we were pretty much the only guys in the bar. Talked a ton of golf. He gave me a bunch of Faldo-esque swing advice which I mostly ignored. Would have loved to pick his brain strategy wise though, but I had to go as he was divorced and I wasn't and the wife was texting me "where the hell are you?" Lol.
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I had the pleasure of meeting Brad Faxon. He designed our golf course  after he won the Buick open a few years ago he brought his trophy to the club and left it for a few days. Absolute gentlemen. His wife is pretty nice also!

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I went to high school with D.A. Points. He is a real good guy and really down to earth. It was a very large high school in Illinois but everyone liked him because he was so nice to everyone. He was a pretty good basketball player too.
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I met a guy named Doug Labelle II once when I was in Michigan and he was playing the some tournament there and he ended up missing the cut. I was only 10 when this happened. He was actually in the hotel room next to mine, and I remember running out to his car to get his autograph (I could only tell he was a tour player based on the courtesy car with PGA Tour stuff all over it). I was in such a rush that I forgot to actually bring paper, so he pulled out his glove and signed it for me. He was a really nice guy, talked with me about golf for a couple minutes before he had to leave to catch his flight.

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Scott McCarron is the nephew of a guy I know pretty well, and I've met him. Also Brant Jobe when Scott brought him along one time.

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Ernest Jones--


Are you a fan of Swing the Clubhead?  Or is it simply happenstance?


BTW,Jones was a great teacher.  On one leg.  Like that Irish remittance man, the architect, up there in the PNW--a solicitor in Vancouver, BC, Vernon Macan, something like that--good with women, bad with money, an Edwardian father's nightmare.  He and Jones both played to a four.  After the Great War.  One one leg.

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I was sitting in the Ocala Florida airport in 1980 waiting for my wife to fly in. I was the only one in the airport (it's acommuter airport). Then I see a guy walking down the concourse with a couple of suitcases. He comes up to me and asks me the time. I told him the time and said, "you're Gary Player". He put down his bags and sat down next to me and shot the bull with me for at least 10 minutes. He flies into small commuter airports and rents a car and drives to the tournaments. That week it was Bay Hill. Really nice guy. He was surprised someone would recognize him in a backwater airport.

Also, I was hiy by one of Jack Niclaus's tee shots on the 16th at Doral. I thinkthe year was 1984. Ben Crenshaw won that year. My brother-in-law got nailed by Sandy Lyle on the same hole. Was surprised how small he was. Also how high pitched his voice was. Both were very gracious.
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I've met the Hill brothers (Dave & Mike); I caddied for a friend in a Nike.com qualifier and Omar Uresti was in the group; and I think I've posted it before but I used to play a course about an hour north of Houston and Charlie Sifford would be there occasionally. Sifford told some stories and he seemed like a great guy, it was an honor to meet him.

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Chris DiMarco plays a lot at my former club.  He frequents the men's card room a lot and will usually jump into a card game if there's an opportunity.  He's a much better golfer than he is a poker player, so he's always welcome.   ;-)



Oh yeah......


.....there's that McDowell guy too.   :-D

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