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After recently seeing them at Donnington (in the U.K.), anything by Stone Sour.

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Listening to Eva Cassidy's (RIP) What a Wonderful World ... dedicating it to my brother who is dying of cancer, who taught me a lot about golf.  

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Think about this as a positive approach to putting.  Ha ha!  It has never worked for me.  

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Mojave 3 goes really well with drunk. For me. YMMV.

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Big thank you to Mr. Desmond and Geauxforbroke for shoving this into my skull this morning (not a bad thing ;))


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I'm really digging the new Toad the Wet Sprocket EP - it's a few new songs with some re-recordings of their classic singles. You can download it for free over at Noisetrade, they're giving it away to help drum up interest in their new upcoming album


I've also been listening to the new Barenaked Ladies album a lot, but I just cannot get into it. It's just background music to me.

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Have I done a Franz Ferdinand post in this thread before? I can't remember.



Franz Ferdinand - Can't Stop Feeling (Live)



Franz Ferdinand - Love and Destroy (Live)

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This is my kids' current favorite song in the car on the way to school. It's kind of dorky but I like the guitar part.


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Yes please, assist me ladies ...


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My wife got me into this song, and seriously, if you listen to it twice you'll sing it all day!
It kinda sounds like what Coldplay should be sounding like if they weren't crap!
And if anyone could explain the video/short film with it I'd be grateful!
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^ sorry about that clip^
Don't know what happened there?
Here's the one!
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Apparently The Eagles were pretty pissed about this song. Threatened to sue if he played it using their music at concerts, even though Ocean never made any money off it.

Anyway, I like it. The one I found on YouTube doesn't include the extended guitar riff towards the end though.

Coldplay's reaction to this one was the complete opposite. They invited him to tour with them.
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