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So true. 546464jack.jpg

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......some music from my younger days.................http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37dw2r45Xzg&feature=related.................

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This one goes out to my boy Ernie, who's having some tough times. It's platonic!


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The Cardigans -- "I Need Some Fine Wine. You Need To Be Nicer."



I do. You do. But mostly I do.

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Came across this one while checking out the band Caravan. Great band and a cool song.
Standing on a golf course
Dressed in P.V.C.
I chanced upon a Golf Girl
Selling cups of tea
She asked me did I want one
Asked me with a grin
For three pence you can buy one
Full right to the brim

So of course I had to have one
In fact I ordered three
So I could watch the Golf Girl
Could see she fancied me
And later on the golf course
After drinking tea
It started raining golf balls
And she protected me

Her name was Pat
And we sat under a tree
She kissed me
We go for walks
In fine weather
All together
On the golf course
We talk in morse
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Im a Hip Hop guy at heart but I've been listening to Radiohead lately. I know I know Im late on this but at times when I'd like a change of pace Radiohead it is. My favorites are Creep and All I need. They have a you tube channel of greatest hits.
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May have posted this before. Can't remember. Anyway, it's my back nine song, when it's all going wrong.


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Oh God, those folk jacks have been played my sister so many times. I mean I can take emo and melancholy blues shit, but they just sound like they want slit their throat in 'The Cave" right there. Then I want to take and the knife and jam into my eardrums so the blood flow temporarily diffuses the musical pain endowed upon me by melodically challenged backwater fools with banjos. Thank God I have this rythmic righteous messiah to the barren wasteland of that fiend Mumford, and his many despondent sons!c1_cursing.gifhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJDnJ0vXUgw So filled with soul! Just makes you go.......DAYUM Girl! Why you so fine?

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Currently listening to Linkin Park's that came out this week. 


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there just not the same!

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They haven't been the same for the last 3 albums, but I still like them. I'm guessing Chester can't sing like he did in Hybrid Theory or Meteora, which is when I think they were at their best. Also, this type of music has slowly died out of mainstream radio. 

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there just not the same!

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well screw mainstream! I've just lost one angry screamer in my arsenal. I mean he still does, but it's all pussified. Thankfully, my to best continue rockin' (even though one's dead) tumblr_m3l6x3zHNH1qhabouo1_500.jpgtumblr_l005mpoJBp1qa1g2jo1_400.jpg

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