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That course is a nightmare. An absolute nightmare. I played it from their "Championship" tees where they held the 2011 US Open qualifiers in a two day tournament over the summer. At 7450 yards, it was certainly the longest course I've ever played and that rough can be punishing. The greens were nice though, but that water hazard on number 7 was killer off the tee on the first day. My entire group went into it because we didn't realize there was that sharp slope right in the landing area short of it that kicks your ball into it.


It is brutal, that and it's sister course Legacy Ridge are the toughest public courses I've ever played. If you want to torture yourself, I'm sure you've been there since you're up north, play Colorado National from the 7676 tees. If they set that up like they do the rinky-dink Coyote Creek with 6" rough it be a killer. Though CC mowed recently and it was shorter than usual, still can't see the ball it's so deep. If not for the wind and dust storms I played well enough that I'm fairly certain I could have shot a person best and trended back under 10 last night. I'm going back today hoping for no wind.


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I've never actually played Colorado National, but they do have a very nice practice facility there. The range usually has really nice grass at least, with mowed greens to hit to. I have played at Fox Hill, which is a country club owned by the same guy who owns Colorado National. Apparently the membership at Fox Hill transfers to all of that guys other courses, but I'm not a member of Fox Hill to begin with. I just play there when they have the city tournament and, for a day, they let us "plebeians" play on the course. :-P

Legacy Ridge was another course I had a tournament at this summer, and that one wasn't a picnic either even though they didn't have us play from all the way back.

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When i first started 


My swing was  fast after allot of lessons i learned how to control, 

After that by playing i started to improve long and short shots, after that my coach told me the right clubs for my game shafts and personalizing the clubs for me.

Constantly practicing on course and in the range my game started improving by the day, warm up,  play go back to the range try to fix the struggles, and next day again.

Always keeping your mind focused specially on the parts u have difficulty and have fun...


eventually you will get there

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This thread peeked my interest because this is a goal of mine. Something that only occured to me was that the USGA handicap system is different from the CONGU one we use in the UK.

We have SSS standard scratch score for a pro so no slope ratings and the like. From doing some research though a single digit handicapper really has to score somewhere between 78-84 on a regular basis.
My last round was 86 and my last 3 cards according to the handicap calculator bring me out to a 16 handicap. My handicap tracker says I'm a 21.5.

So I believe this is a possible goal more than ever. Without getting any better at actual striking of the ball a few putts going in and some increased touch on the short game and you are there.

Of course I'm only entertaining this idea because as has been said practice is the key. You need to have a well rounded game that has been honed by being a diligent gold student and putting the time in to get there.

Its certainly not out of reach but does take some commitment to do
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