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I am new to the forum. I work in IT Support, kinda lame. I am going back to school to finish my degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. The end goal is management at a golf resort. Looks like an awesome forum!

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I'm pretty new to the forums well. I've been lurking for a few months but just started posting a bit. I'm an executive recruiter in NYC with a focus on IT and marketing/creative services. It's a tough gig in a bad economy but the bright side of me picking the game back up are the "client meetings" that take place on the course!
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Hello to all!


I write programs!

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whats up, i work for a large union electrical contractor in s texas. i manage the service dept. i have 35 eledtricians under me for any type of electrical work, resi, industrial, oilfield, marine, commercial. i just started playing golf back in March, watched all my other manager goofing off so i decided that was the way to go.

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work for LARGE  company,100k+ world wide, but I only have 543 of them to make happy. We run the shew with support for phones,it,facilities,a/v......and anything else that is a show stopper !  All in one  6 flr  bldg. thank goodness, except that I can't go down the hall without a " Hey....I need bla bla bla."  My response "put in  a request. " and most won't follow up.



25yr construction,maintenance electrician........much more enjoyable work, but the body can't do it anymore day in and day out. Hell I barely can play to days in a row .....but I'll still go, any chance i get.

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Hi All


I'm a warehouse worker in england.

just returned to playing golf last year after a 7 year break.

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Recent graduate. Currently a lifeguard, finish in two weeks to start as a graduate software developer. There seems to be an abundance of Software related employees on the forum.

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Landscaper and studying garden design so hopefully ill be working for myself in a few years and have more time to golf!


Doesnt everyone base there careers around playing golf? b2_tongue.gif

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I'm the parts/ warranty manager for a national pool supply chain..I'm only responsable for three stores here in the FL panhandle, but thats enough while I finish up school for scocial-psychology/buisness development... It pays the bills and supports my family, I just get tired of dealing with others problems, so golf def. gives a relaxing break. (i know you IT guys can relate lol) anyway- I just started playing a few months back but I am completely hooked!

If anyone lives in the FL panhandle/ So. AL PM me if your looking for a playing buddy :)
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PGA of Canada Golf Pro at the Royal Mayfair Golf Club in Edmonton, AB.  Also developed my own website, mattgawleygolf.com to help promote my lesson programs.  Also developed the Royal Mayfair iPhone App from the ground up.

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Ya.... me too...

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Entry Level Golfer and Engineering Technician at Noble Energy Inc.

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Tax accountant in Seattle
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I work for a large global IT outsourcer, and was promised 'golf with clients' was part of my job. Did not realize they were not supposed to win all the time. One highlight of my career was presenting to Callaway. Promised them if they went with a new service from us I would sell my Ping irons and replace them with Callawaysa3_biggrin.gif

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Own a cotton bag company.
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In the U.S. Army National Guard-  Military Police Officer as my MOS.  But I also work full time as the regional coordinator for the Military Funeral Honors program.  Basically I do military funerals on a daily basis.

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I'm a Sergeant in the United States Army Infantry. For 3 years now!

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