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I'm an IT admin at a Credit Union

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I'm a Woodworker/ furniture maker/ Luthier/ contract Sawyer.


I have a website www.gibsonwoodworking.com

you can also see some of the stuff I make on facebook just search gibson woodworking.


And my avatar pic is a Ukulele I made.

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I am a full-time graduate student at NC State's College of Design working towards a Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture.

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I'm a Service Engineer in the Computer IT department a Graphic Packaging paper mill.

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I sell beer for Miller/Coors. So drink up when your on the course.
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Lawyer -- hub & I have a small firm in Riverside/Temecula/San Diego.  Mostly able to work from home now while we have little kids (youngest just finished kindergarten.)  

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Metro City, IT department, home after hospital stay, for right now

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I'm a third-year law student (well, I'll start my third year next month). Exciting stuff.

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I'm an aircraft mechanic, rotor head only!

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Education Consultant for sports athletic associations. I get my paychech from the National Board of Sports here in Sweden (and they get their from the government). I help coaches, athletes, boards of different teams, and other people connected to the sportsfamily to reach their goals. Be it new ways to coach/train/eduacate, getting old ways that has worked for other people. Well in short I help them realize/make their ideas.

(Hell, trying to explain a already complicated job describtion to another language was not as easy as I first thought.)

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A sincere thank you to all of our vets on this forum. I appreciate your service.


I work for an asset management firm in the strategy department.

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I am a auto mechanic from ringgold Ga
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I'm the sports editor of a small daily newspaper here in East Texas.

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Originally Posted by el shanko View Post

whats up, i work for a large union electrical contractor in s texas. i manage the service dept. i have 35 eledtricians under me for any type of electrical work, resi, industrial, oilfield, marine, commercial. i just started playing golf back in March, watched all my other manager goofing off so i decided that was the way to go.

Neat.  Played Oso Beach a few days ago.  Just got back from hitting balls at Lozano.  Where do you usually play?

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I am a Junior at Penn State University as a Pyschology BA Major.

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Outdoor journalist. I deal primarily with professional bass fishing.

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I'm still in School

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Still in school

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