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I was director and professor of sports science at Bath University, UK. I've now retired and I write scientific books on sport. My first is is on the golf swing! thegolfswingzone.com

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Im a firefighter in Williston, FL and on my days off i work on the family farm to support my golfing and fishing habbit a3_biggrin.gif

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I work with young offenders
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Army Officer, Major, 36 Infantry Division. At that point in my career where you have to trade in tanks and recon vehicles for PowerPoint and spreadsheets.
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I am a professional putt putt player.  It's a tough racket.



I am kidding!  Computer Programming.  .NET apps.  I manage one system primarily for a major University.   But I am sure some more stuff is coming my way.  I'm the most under promoted underpaid son of a gun you can imagine after 23 years.  Locked in is a good word for it.  sigh...

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I am part of the Orange Whip Trainer team, trying to connect with as many avid golfers as possible about what the Orange Whip and Peel can do for their games.

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Project Manager (PMP)

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I retired from the Marine Corps after 27 years and am now working for the Government (DoD) inspecting/training the Marine Corps!

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Im an Architecture student in U of O so I try to get out and play whenever I'm not pulling all nighters.

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I'm in the Army National Guard on deployment as a heating and air mechanic as well as an electrician. I also have a buisness with my Dad selling golf towels with a brush on them.

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President of LCB IV LLC which owns our product Golflexx amongst a couple others. I love our products and Golflexx is one that gives me a thrill every time a user sends us their feedback to let us know how it's helped them not only with their game but with their overall flexibility. Oh yea...I also like playing contests. Here is one.


First one who can message me back and tell me who is playing golf in this picture wins a FREE GOLFLEXX UNIT. The guy nailing yet another perfect drive with a perfect follow through in his swing is non other then Eric “The Sheik” Monti, my late, great father in law. The picture was taken at Riviera Country Club in the LA Open in 1945. Who is The Sheik partnered up with?


Good luck...have fun.


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I am an accountant! Stero-typical maybe but maybe not. I have no issues with web use - yet.

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I am an inspiring golf tour pro going to school this fall in hilton head, SC!!!

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I work in the swimming pool business here in Florida. 

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I work for the largest home health company in Oklahoma managing the southern half of the state. My job title is Executive Administrative Assistant.

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I own a full service landscape company in sw mo. I started it when I was 21, and today we're growing like crazy. This was our best year since 07.
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