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help desk in a commercial bank, trying to move me in an office but no rush for me.


used to manage direct marketing for paper industry in Paris, then I moved to a village were ther is'nt that type of job.

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trademark, copyright and licensing lawyer for 35 years

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Heavy equipment rental/salesman

(pssst- Like the kind of equipment you build courses with :)

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Teacher, Business Tech and Physical Education in Middle School and High School. 9 years.

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Im a builder/carpenter looking to get some more work for myself this year.

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Golf Course Superintendent at a private club in Columbus, Ohio.
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I have George Costanza's dream job... Architect!
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I've been a Headhunter since 1984.   Always looking for Statisticians with New Drug Application experience, as well as Pharmacoeconomists.    Usually don't advertise my wares. 

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bank manager for Wells Fargo

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Money Transfer Specialist, based in the UK
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Retired Dept of Transportation crew leader, snow plower, pavement restorer, guard rail fixer, bridge repairer, sign planter, ditch cleaner, grass mower, weed eradicator, trash picker upper, and (in case you haven't noticed) critic of elitists.

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I work in promotions for a multicounty library system. I'm also a writing, working on several books in several different genres, and I have my own golf blog primarily keeping up with professional golf. Mostly I'm a busy dad.

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Full time job is an RF Engineer for the government.


But in the off time I am a sports writer (I do it for the love of it really) over at Sportsunbiased.com and I am working on a couple fo E-Books.

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I Work for Honda Canada Manufacturing

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Barrister here in Sydney Australia, where our Christmas / January holidays occur in our summer - daylight til 8.30pm. 18 holes after work very achievable!
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I'm the shipping/receiving manager for a commercial printing/solutions company in Austin, Texas.
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Im an aerospace Quality inspector in landing gears. Montréal, Canada.
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High School Algebra and Geometry Teacher

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