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I am a Paramedic just outside of Houston.  What I love most about my job other than helping the citizens is all the time I have off.  I should have a much better handicap for that reason alone.  f1_cool.gif

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I respect your service Bullitman5339.  My brother-in-law paid the ultimate price in the Helman Providence while service in the US Army.  We had good times golfing together.  I (we) miss him a lot.





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I make zoning maps for my local jurisdiction's planning office. Technically my title is Office Support Assistant since I'm one of only two folks who do this job. There are not enough employees for a reclassification. I like to say I'm a cartographer, but honestly don't know if folks would know what means.

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Hey everybody, I'm new to the forum. Just some work background. I work in a call center as a Telecommunications Analyst. I basically maintain all the phones in the center and keep the customer service agents up and running. Spent 4 years in the Navy working with phones on a carrier as well.

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worked in marketing and PR for the last 8 years...getting paid to talk to people is SWEET!!


spent a few years in municipal government working for the mayor of a major city...now i'm in the financial industry (plenty of opportunities for golf outings now!)

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From networking healthcare to network infrastructure management to the family business of construction n real estate
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Hi all, I am an insurance broker in South Carolina, Hilton Head Island. Need more golf and less work.
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I own and operate a semi truck pulling a van trailer from Texas to Georgia and back. I play about 6 times a month on average. 

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I run the sheet metal division of a large commercial/industrial HVAC company with jobs in and around the Philadelphia area. 

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Teach business technology at a Middle School. Also certified to teach Pysical Education. Coach various sports (football, wrestlling).

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I run data warehousing and BI for a fortune 200 firm

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Civil engineering for a small firm.  Seem to do more here than any larger firm I've worked for, golf is a great release.

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Engineering Project Manager for a large firm and USN-R.

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New here from Wisconsin. I own a small landscaping company.
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I am a Construction Materials Testing Technician with the fantasy of becoming a golfer.
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Im a System Administrator ( IT) currently studiyng Electrical Engineering, and also starting as an assistan appraiser for commercial properties in Puerto Rico. Im 36 years old, with a son and a daughter. High handicap (24) and always trying to find time to play and improve.
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Good day all, I work for the Gov't of Canada. That's it, that's all. That's all I know!!

I've browsed these forums for a while now for reviews and tips, finally joined yesterday. Glad to be a part of the community!

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Hope everyone is having a great day. I am new to the forum. I work for a pharmaceutical company.I enter insurance payments and also make adjustments to patient account. It pretty much is data entry. I found this site and hope to get better at golf and make new friends.

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