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Civil Engineer specializing in Highway/bridge constuction. Draw a pension for 34 years of service at a govt agency. Currently consulting with private sector firms. Play 3-4 rounds a week. Life is good!
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I'm a licensed Plumber/Gasfitter and an avid amateur photographer with hopes to transition the amateur to full time when the timing is right.
It would also allow for more flexibility to play golf in the summer.
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I am a teacher, high school hockey coach, golf coach, a USA hockey referee, and work summers at hockey camps, golf camps and part time mowing on a public golf course (which is "the" most fun).

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Telecom technician, currently working for a large telecom company. Installation and repair DSL and dial tone.

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I'm a Dean of Arts and Sciences at Piedmont International University in NC. I'm also a trombone player and have Parkinson's Disease.
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Process Engineer at a chemical fertilizer manufacturing plant. The mathematical approach to the golf swing lured me into joining this site... b2_tongue.gif
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I am an MD and am headed to do my next block of training in North Carolina this summer.  Excited to leave the northeast for more golf-able weather in NC.

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Security Guard and school...

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a security guard district supervisor...

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Name is Brett McClelland and I am the lead sales an master club fitter at golfsmith on Oklahoma City.
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I manage several IT grouops for a large oil field service company.  Been there for 35+ years.

I am also President of a Greater Houston Traveling golf league www.littlejohngolfleague.com as well as President of Quail Valley Men's Golf Association. 

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I'm Support Manager and occasional IT Consultant t for a company that implement Enterprise Search solutions. I'm also the president of the Scarisbrick Golf society.



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I work as a Project Manager for a software company. I work on getting better at golf.

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I'm an entrepreneur working to bring a cool new stogie-smoking-golfers' accessory to the market. We're close to launching the website (ash-t.com)....I'll be sure to let everyone know when it's up.
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Law Enforcement.  

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I am new to the forums but I am a business class supervisor contracting for time warner cable
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I am a US Navy Cop that will be retiring next year then going back to college.

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Manufacturing Engineer @ a plant that builds industrial circuit breakers and accessories.

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