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Hey everyone new to the forum

Senior Data Analytics Analyst for a global media agency in manhattan

I fall into the new fad of "Big Data"
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New to the forum as well.  I'm a commercial banker.

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Firefighter/emt. I love my job. I have free time to golf badly. Hopefully get a lot better too
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College administrator and brewer.

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I'm the managing director of high speed aluminum transport operations.



That's the best way of saying "I'm a pilot" without getting people to ask a bunch of dumb questions.  "Oh can you fly by yourself?" "Do you fly for an airline?" "Do you want to be a commercial pilot?"


Someone shoot me...

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Pit boss at our local casino a1_smile.gif
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Paramedic for almost 20 years

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Engineering, project managements, product management...

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Owner off a plastic production company, we produce all kinds off plastics packaging containers for food and non food use.

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Professional Student. Landscape Architecture to be exact. possibly designing these things we hack around one day.

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New member here.  I do application support for that big blue death star corporation.  This site may be blocked.  We'll see when I get to the office  ;)

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Bi-vocational Pastor and Process Engineer for a manufacturing plant.

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My name is Nick Shipe. I recently switched from baseball/softball to golf. I was a college baseball player and unfortunately had to give up baseball due to my knee. 


I currently am a partner in a Baseball Management operation where we run multiple youth baseball tournaments. I am also a agent for Aflac.


I just purchased a set of r11 irons R11 3 wood, a R11s driver, and Odessa TM ghost putter. 


I enjoy walking courses as my life is to busy to get work outs in anymore.


Look forward to other's knowledge and contributing information.

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Hello Im Bradley Wright.  I am an Army Officer currently on my third deployment, second to Afghanistan.  I started playing golf after my last deployment and now im totally addicted.  Right now i just hit balls into a net in an old maintenance tent.  Im dying to play!

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Truck Driver

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I'm an Assistant Men's Golf Coach for a D1 school.  Primary responsibilities are recruiting, scheduling, fundraising, and helping our team get better!

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tech director for a college music dept. also freelance in audio production on the side, and host karaoke with a company in town.  


looking forward to checking out the forum!!

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62 years today..what do I do ?

Not much anymore -  Play more than a bit of golf these days. take the Border Collie out for his 3x a day frisbee.

I was a general contractor / carpenter for 30 + years.

While I will still dip my fingers into the well, so to speak, unless it's something that really catches my interest, I'm not available.


I will tell you one thing though - I went to work every day happy 

Each day brought a new challenge, each day allowed me to be creative.


100 years from now there will be buildings standing that I built.

That is something I can be proud of.

My corporate days never allowed me that satisfaction.

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