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Hey guys, new to the forum, looking forward to reading everything that you guys have posted.


I'm trying to get serious about my golf game, still shooting up near 100, so I have a lot to learn!!!


I am a petroleum landman, which means I have some free time to swing the sticks, so I need to improve my game!!!


If you have any advice for me at any time, feel free to let me know!

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I am a recently graduated student and have just landed myself a job as a Search Engine Optimist at a local online media company. 

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I'm a software developer and brand new to golf

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I'm an engineer (mostly software).  Maybe my analytical skills will be useful in improving my game:)

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I work for Archer Daniels Midland. I'm an Ethanol operator. Yay for me : /
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I help big companies to innovate their (online) marketing. Not with optimization for search engines or Adwords, but by inventing new technologies to use in marketing. Also I help them set up their big data warehouse and assist them in setting up a system to find and use the right data.

By big companies I mean companies with >$50 million marketing budget as the solutions I'm hired to build usually aren't run off the mill :)
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I build computer models of commercial scale buildings to test energy and comfort performance of proposed designs for an international engineering consultancy firm.


Only really get time to play golf at the weekend but I'm consistently shooting better than my handicap in general play so I figure I'm doing something right.

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I'm a professional photographer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Weddings, portraits, corporate, commercial.  If you live in the DFW area, look me up and I'll give you the Sand Trap discount.  ;)

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I am a detailer and project manager for a steel fabrication company. We fabricate structural steel for mid-size projects like malls, shopping centers, theaters, and small office buildings.


I spend a little time drawing our shop drawings on AutoCad, but most of my time is spent with dealing with change orders and getting information that the drawings don't specify. A lot of emailing and waiting, so I have periods of down time throughout the day. I'm sure a lot of that will be spent here now that I have found this site.

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I'm a prison chaplain...and justify my golf playing as a way to develop inner humility and to bolster my senior pastor's confidence (he's about 30 strokes better than me).  :-)

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I am a machinist, I run manual mills, lathes, grinders, as well as 3 axis cnc machining centers and turning centers.  The company I work for manufactures new and rebuilt Gardner double disc grinders, Blanchard surface grinders, and other specialty grinding machines, mostly for big companies that make brake rotors, bearings, tools, and piston rings. Pretty cool job, lots of precision work, wish my short game w as as accurate as my measuring tools.  I also fix computers as side work....

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23+ years in Law Enforcement; work crimes against children (physical abuse, sexual abuse and homicides). I play golf as a form of therapy.

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Retired civil servant (systems analyst)  and retired military ( Chief Petty Officer).


Right now I work (part time) as a  Sales Manager at a  regional petrochemical  distribution center.    ( I pump gas and assist customers at a local Supermarket's gas station.)

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I am currently a student and during my final three semesters I am working on bootstrapping a business.

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Mechanical engineer, Only get chance to play once a week on a Saturday or Sunday

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I'm an accountant for a local credit union in Orlando, FL. Brand new to the game and trying to learn as much as I can from you fine people!

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I'm an RF Systems Engineer for Motorola.


I'm currently trying to (weather pending) hit the golf course and range a combined 4 times a week. It's tough with work and other commitments, but we'll see....


Typically if I can make it to the golf course by 7, I can finish 9 before it's dark. 

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I'm a U.S. Navy Veteran. Currently an Engineer Technician at a large Oil and Gas company, and going to school for a Mechanical Engineering Degree.

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