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I'm an accountant at a copper wire fabrication plant in Wisconsin. My job allows for flexibility, so I try to get out 2-3x a week. I'm hoping to get to single digit handicap by the end of the year. I've played golf since I was very young, but only spent maybe 3 summers playing as often as I'd like! Looking forward to chatting golf and chasing scratch!


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I'm in the same boat man. Winters here have killed me, as well as being in school the past 4 years. I'm hoping for a breakthrough since I'm playing/practicing a lot more, and plan on getting a winter practice setup going.

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New poster, been lurking for a month or so as I have just got into the game.


I am in law enforcement.


My wife has also just taken it up so we are complete noobs together. 

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Newspaper Reporter

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Originally Posted by JoeC36 View Post

Full time student, part time Janitor and groundskeeper

Just saw I posted this in here. My how far I have come. 

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Hi, I' Scooter and I'm new here...
I'm a professional helicopter pilot with LOTS of free time, currently work month-on/Month-off, so should find some time to frustrate some good golfers with my terrible game!




(My name is Harald, but I am called Scooter!)

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Chalk up another IT guy, can't blame us, our job is to be on the computer day in and out. We don't always have a lot of work to do so we have to find something to keep us sane.

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Work at a country club c3_clap.gif, therefore, free cart, free range, free golf

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Originally Posted by Chad Collins View Post

Work at a country club c3_clap.gif, therefore, free cart, free range, free golf


You motor-boating son of a bitch...

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A "Boss" of Something, Camp Counselor, Activist for CAPOWLASITB (Citizens Again Pet Owners Who Let Animals Sleep in Their Beds), Volunteer Secret Victoria's Secret Shopper, Kimono Dragon Whisperer, and all around good guy.   

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Meteorologist in the Navy.  23 years old and have been playing for a year and a half. 

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Distribution Center Worker. 20 years old and started playing a few months ago
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Hello all, I work as a consultant for the large tech company in Seattle.  My current project is for the Air Force.  I use to play a lot when I was younger and just starting back up again.  Looking forward to meeting everyone, making friends, and good conversations.

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Student as well as a Baseball Coach... What free time I do have is spent on golf..

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golf course superintendent

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I'm a partner in an investment firm.

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Hey everyone one of the new guys to the forum.  I worked in Public Accounting for 6 years before moving to Operational Audits at a public company in the entertainment industry.  Still with the same company but have moved on to procurement focused position over contractors.  While I played at least weekly while in college public accounting definitely didnt lead to numerous rounds.  Those years I was lucky to get 3 to 5 rounds in a year.  Luckily I dont travel nearly as much so get to play and hit balls a few times a month.  Looking forward to being part of the community.

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