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Self employed Courier delivering urgent freight around the state for Singapore Airforce and the mining industry, and anyone else who is willing to pay an exorbitant price for something delivered today, but wanted yesterday!z5_smartass.gif

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Shuttle Driver at UPS

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I'm a retired Federal L/E Officer and dealt with dope smugglers which are almost as bad as Child Abusers. Hope your successful as both a golfer and in Law Enforcement.

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I am an attoney.

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Carpet fitter from Nottingham, England.

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I am a Border Patrol Agent. Currently assigned to the Border Patrol Academy as an instructor.
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I am a Software Engineer. Currently I am a Web Consultant redesigning the website for a well known cable provider using Adobe's CQ5 Web Experience Management (WEM) suite.

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High school guidance counselor with summers off to golf a2_wink.gif
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Own a barber shop. Part time grounds crew at local course
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Howdy everyone,

Work with irrigation equipment for a living equipment includes Toro, Rainbird and  other  controllers.  You may have see these controllers  stationed  around the golf courses usually in the form or gray or green  pedestals. These peds usually provide the water  to  the greens and fairways .  I'm stationed  in the Phoenix area  and work from a shop located in  Queen Creek area.

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Automation and Controls Engineer ... and I talk about my golf game a lot at work.  Sometimes good ... mostly bad.

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Process Operator. Basically run air separation plants using computerized controls. Work shiftwork, so I get plenty of days during the week and sometimes on weekends to golf.

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I'm a teacher. Wait, Catholic School teacher, so not wealthy like public school teachers.d1_bigcry.gif

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Retired NAVY Chief!  After that I was a real estate broker and mortgage loan officer for about 20 years.  Did a short stint at Titleist/Achusnet  in inventory control and quality assurance. Spent five years in casino gaming industry. Now I play golf, but not very well.

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Mechanical Technician

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Process Technician for Corning Incorporated
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Intern in the Finanace depertment for the PGA Tour.

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