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I am a Federal Corrections officer at a maximum penitentiary in Canada.

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SQL Server Database Administrator (DBA)

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Maintenance Analyst for B1 Lancer. USAF
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Law Enforcement at the Sheriff's Office.  Forensic Technician specifically.

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Commercial Banker

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I am a broadcast engineer.

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I am a technical inspector for a defense contractor on military aircraft.

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Thank you for your service. I am also a vet from 69 to 75

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I am a waiter, while attending University for Criminology... Play golf as much as I can during the summer since we got the snowy winters here =(

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I'm in sales.  I work for a water treatment company who manufactures industrial water treatment equipment.  My customers are power plants, bottling plants, engineering firms, and a network of reps who sell our equipment.  I'm transitioning to an outside sales role, and part of maintaining our customer and vendor relationships is getting them out on the golf course.  

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That's good keep you in the Chem LaB,,,,,LOL

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I author the Official EA SPORTS Madden Strategy Guides.



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Hey folks ! I am a Sales Manager at a GM/Toyota Dealership in a small town in Missouri. I am not very good, but I love to play golf, and watch my teen-age Son hit the Ball a mile ! I would do anything for that boy's tempo !

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from India, I own several businesses.

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I manage the PGA Trade-In Network.  http://valueguide.pga.com

Do you realize how much your old clubs are worth?

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I'm a territory sales manager in the agriculture industry.  Cover NC, VA, MD, DE, and south/east WV.  On the road 1000-1200 miles/week.

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I work for an aluminum distributor.  I also have a home-based business...blogging about golf!!!  

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I am a Shipping Solution Specialist for the northeast region, selling shipping software for Stamps.com.

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