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Human Resources / Staffing Director. Spent most of my career on the corporate side (mostly in Pharmaceutical/Life Science industries) but recently moved to the Outsourced Provider side. Working from. One was an adjustment but it makes for much less of a commute time to the golf course after work.
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I am Regional Manager for Dixon Golf. Just joined in on the forum, thought this would be a good place to get to know some more golfers and spread good word of golf! My office is my home and every golf course my feet touch, life is good! 

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Been waiting to post in this thread for weeks now!


As of today after 5 months of testing, im now an Apprentice Maintenance Engineer!


Can't wait, Rob. c3_clap.gif

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I`m a sports scientist. Love it, wouldn`t do anything different.
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I'm a University College student in Antwerp, Belgium

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I'm an accounting controller for a chemical company.....

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Just graduated with my bachelor's and was lucky enough to acquire an Account Executive position for a business solution company... Hard to train when my golf swing is always the only thing on my mind ha
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I own a swimming pool maintenance company, we do weekly pool maintenance repairs and remodel. Business is booming here is sunny Central Florida. My crew likes to start early get done by 2 or 3 and have time to play or practice our golf game. 

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Commercial Airline Pilot. Which involves working as little as possible and practicing golf as much as possible.
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IT and Corporate Project Manager... so basically I try to motivate people who don't answer to me, work for various different bosses and have better things to do.  a1_smile.gif

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I used to play golf for a living but it didn't last long! I'm now in the Oil & Gas Industry.

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I'm the Head Athletic Trainer for a NHL team. 2 weekends left for golf till training camp 2013!!!
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I'm the Maintenance Training Superintendent at Yokota Air Base.  Been in the Air Force for coming up on 19 years.

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This is my first post though I've been reading and lurking for a few months.  I'm basically a middle manager who sits at a desk all day but if you want to get fancy about it I lead a couple teams doing operations analytics for a large internet company.  Exciting stuff...

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Semi retired Jeweler living on the Mornington Peninsula in Australia
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I work in construction. Specifically I'm a pipefitter.
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Firefighter in London Fire Brigade. Many golfers in the firm!

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