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Run an independent insurance agency
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Right now, I'm just in law school.

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After 26 years of collecting Child Support for a State agency, and now - finally - retired !!  What a breath of fresh air !

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Government Solutions Specialist for Contract Positions....just a fancy word for a staffing agency that works with the government specifically.


My father is a Service Disabled Veteran, when I went to college I started Freelancing for staffing firms to make some quick cash - by the time I was a Junior getting my degree in Psychology I drop out.  Went to work for my father and since then haven't had time to look back; nor have we had time to take a deep breath!


If it wasn't for golf, I don't think I would be able to work a desk job!

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Construction professional - as a Quantity Surveyor.
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Butchery and fishmonger manager, I can browse when I like a1_smile.gif
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Civil engineering tech is probably the most lucrative thing I know how to do.  In school for an actual civil engineering degree at the moment though.

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I am a golf instructor
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Hi all. Newbie here. Primary school teacher from south west Ireland. Good golfing country! :)

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Hey everyone.  I'm Steve Anderson, a PGA Master Professional in Ft. Myers C.C.  I'm the Director of Instruction at River Hall C.C. and for Hampton Golf Management company.  Our president is MG Orender who was the 33rd President of the PGA of America so nice working under a guy like that.

I've taught the game for 33 years, have written 3 books and produced a lot of golf videos. I worked for Ken Venturi from 1992-96 and that was awesome.  This site and forum is great and I'll be more than happy to help out however I can.  It's fun to see everyone's posts and, as Venturi told me, there's lots of ways to teach the game.  What a great way for us all to help each other and promote this great game.  Look forward to posting with everyone.


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I'm a swedish PGA Club Professional. 23 years old and been working in the industry for four years by now. Passionate about the game and everything around it. Certified TPI Level 1 instructor and one of Europes first certified TPI Power Coaches.

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Medical device sales rep
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Secret Agent and Sandtrap Censor.

*EDIT smiley added to ensure people know this is a joke.
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I live in the Virgin Islands and am a general specialist.


When available I am a Project Manager on historic renovations; I meat fish; I roast coffee commercially (small scale/small place); I am currently doing inspections on properties with problem loans (plenty of that here right now) and hire out doing road repairs on the mountain dirt roads nearby, with my equipment.   


I think it's called grabbing the low hanging fruit and it leaves plenty of time for golf at the 9 hole Reef Golf Course, a fifteen dolla a round beauty, no tee time reservations necessary!

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Hello, my name is Greg and I'm an addict. I don't have life. Just joking. Retired urologic surgeon who believes without life there is no golf and without golf there is no life. I'm sure there is golf in heaven. I just don't want to know my tee time. Looking forward to getting others insights and learn the message board ropes.

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I work as a territory manager for a foodservice distributor in the midwest.  Formerly a chef for about 15 years.  Glad to make the switch and have a life again

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Part-time retail management, full-time student. Left the grind at 35 to finally go to college and get my degree. Tired of working for someone else... didn't like it as a Marine, nor as a salaried retail manager... so it was time for a change. Graduate in December with my Associate's degree, then off to get the Bachelor's.
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