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I'm a Consulting Forester. We do all facets of land management but mainly focus on timber.
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I'm a hydrologist for the usgs
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Sales representative in the golf industry

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Construction Project Manager for a General Contractor.  Projects range in value from $1 Million - $10 Million.

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I'm a Cameraman /  Photographer. Working overseas in West Africa at the moment. Some of the stuff I've done can be found on my Facebook Page.  Inspired Productions

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Former US Navy vet. I am a Tool & Cutter Grinder for a machine shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma and on weekends I'm a free lance drummer.
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Hello I am a sales rep for King Beverage in Spokane WA. I love the game of golf and will listen to anyone with knowledge regarding tips, improvement and equipment. Go Hawks!!!!

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I am an Interior Designer. 

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I´m a deputy assistant in The Spanish Parlament. 

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Social worker, 2 more years then full time golfer!

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Hello fellow addicts,


I'm a freelance writer based in Green Bay, Wisconsin (USA). This is the time of year when my mind begins to wander to far-off places for winter golf. Our favorite spot is Kauai in the Hawaiian islands. Lots of golf, and much of it very affordable.


I've picked up some clients on the island, and soon I'll be putting out a Kindle book detailing all the courses there. How's that for finding ways to write off a trip? :-D


I'm a former newspaper sports and news writer, and I also have experience in corporate communications, primarily in health care and manufacturing. My client list is all over the map, with tasks ranging from newsletters and blog posts to annual reports and ghostwriting for CEOs.


- Mike in GRB

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Programme Manager - Telecommunications

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i was a systems programmer/networking specialist, after originally being

a semi civil engineer ;-) got too old for football(soccer) kept up the golf.

played since age 6

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I teach college level accounting and business courses. I also count a lot of beans for the same University as a business operations manager. But I have to be honest; most days I just think about golf. Happt to be on the site.

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mining engineer

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I am a retired Marine EOD (22 years), currently employed by Uncle Sam relating to explosives.
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I develop cost estimates for a shipbuilding company.
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Going on my 14th year as a pimp.

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