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Originally Posted by Kelzzy View Post

Going on my 14th year as a pimp.

Not cool, Kelsey.

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My first thought about this thread was "this will be a bit dull"..but actually it's more interesting than it should be by rights.


I'm a school teacher.


Previous jobs include, scaffolder, van driver, retail (mens wear and ladies wear...yes, I can use the line 'I worked in ladies underwear :-D, it's always good for a laugh) security guard (once did an event with Charles and Di when they had a banquet with the Saudi royal family) I've also run the education program for a Premiership football club and a County Cricket Club, van driver, insulating contractor, Santa in a department store (awful job, the uniform was nylon and unpleasant to wear), maintenance in a factory, production line in a brewery (and we could drink pretty much anytime of the day so long as we didn't get caught by the bosses) , foundry labourer, and other assorted jobs over the years.

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I retired from the Marines in 2002, I was an EOD guy. When I retired, I took a job with Uncle Sam still working with things that go boom, not the average job.
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Hi everyone. I am a Hydronic Designer @ Emco Ltd. I design heating and cooling systems, I do heat loss calculations and loop drawings, and I also sell the product as well. 

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Payroll Tax Analyst for NGL Company

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After 18 years as a coal miner and 18 years as a line supervisor in a steel joist plant now I work at a golf course during the week and work as a security guard on weekend nights.
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Hello from sunny Florida, everyone!  I'm a computer programmer.

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I work as a technology relationship manager for a financial services company. I notice there are a good representation of techies in this bunch. Nice to know I'm in good company. After staring at computer monitors on a daily basis, it's soul-mending to be able to see green slopes and turn your aggression towards a small dimpled ball. 

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Mediator--Unionized Construction Industry.  Specifically in the Electrical Construction Sector

15 Months til retirement.

Prior to this-Coached and Taught at the High School Level:  Football, Baseball, Basketball

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Hello all, I am an insurance (life) and financial services broker in Niagara Region of Ontario.

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...Healthcare Administrator at University of Maryland Medical Center's Shock Trauma Center, Baltimore, MD.
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My title is Inside Sales at Wesco Distribution. Were an electrical wholesaler....sound fun doesn't it? 

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IT security consultant at a UK investment bank. Golf helps my RSI from typing all day.
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Originally Posted by saturday View Post

Work for Canada's national police.

^^ used to do this... I'm the safety supervisor for an oil well servicing company now though.

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Director of Marketing - Concert / Entertainment Industry 

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Hey Fellas -   I'm new, in fact this is my first post... I'm a Graphic Designer by trade, but I also work for the SF Giants and am involved in the Cigar business.  I've "golfed" all my life, but I'm taking it more seriously this year and am here to soak up as much advice and info that I can...

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Howdy!  I am a soil scientist for an environmental consulting firm and I really dig golf courses.  Sort of a dirty joke there. 

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Operations Manager
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