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manage a fast food restaurant. and just started building golf clubs to help me pay for my hobby 

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 Im a Supervisor in a Chemical Plant

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As I mentioned in my intro, i'm retired. I've been in business for myself and retired about 20 years ago, but got bored easily, so I accepted a position as the Youth Director at my synagopgue. After 9 years of that, I was asked to take over as the Executive Director. After six years of that, we merged with another synagogue and I decided to retire again.


I now work part time, 2 days a week, at a local golf course. I run the pro shop and do some of the purchasing for them.


Mostly now, I work for a small, white, fluffy Bichon Frise who constantly uses me to snuggle against. I havew to pet him, walk him, feed him, brush him, bathe him. He's a very demanding boss.

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Civil Engineer for last 20 years

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I play golf to destabilize my retirement income.  I was electrician for 40 yrs.

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Originally Posted by Bill5 View Post

I play golf to destabilize my retirement income.  I was electrician for 40 yrs.


Is that your 57' Chevy in your avatar..?  If so, Nice!!  Oh, and I know about retirement income..:doh:

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I wish I could say yes.  I had to sell mine about 15yrs ago just like this one only navy blue.

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Millwright, going on 19 years and hope to hang up the wrenches in the next 7-8 years and enjoy some of that pension money, I'll probably do some part time thing though, staying home doing nothing if I can't be at the course would drive me nuts.

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Social Studies teacher and football coach...getting anxious for the golf season

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Engineering Manager. Diesel Engine Fuel Systems. Fairly exciting as far as Engineering jobs go... Travel to lot of Diesel Engine plants.
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I am a business college teacher far, far away from the rest of You, probably. In the country which has the Best School System In The World (yeah, right) =).

I have a BBA /IT and MBA Entrepreneurship and Business Competence. Have played golf since last July and quite keenly trained also in wintertime when the golf courses here are covered in snow. I am giving lessons and waiting for the summer to come, as soon as possible, hopefully.

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IT, dealing with large computing environments. If it ain't broken, I can fix that!
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Currently in an IT role for a 3rd Party Warehouse provider


Grew up in the 3PL environment - Had every job in the warehouse from sweeping floors to management - Hate the BS of day to day operation so I volunteered for our latest IT project. So, far ... So good ...





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Retired from IT, then taught Middle School for 5 years. Now, it's golf, photography, bridge, hiking, and volunteering.
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I'm a full-time student at Georgia State University, and I work as a television reviewer for the website TVOvermind.

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Sales - Enterprise IT focused on the Healthcare vertical.  

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I am a design engineer for a biomedical orthopaedics company.

I am not a good golfer, but my 6 year old son is on a Jr tour and does an incredible job.

I am also an aspiring club designer with a patent and USGA preliminary approval.
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I am a decathlete and my strongest sports are Javelin (No.6 in UK) and Pole Vault (No.11 world). I do not compete anymore and have turned my hand to coaching.


I play almost all sports and would consider myself to be a reasonable golfer.

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