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Retired electronic tech from Bell South.Play golf 3 to 4 times a week and that seems to not be enough.

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I may have posted in here at some point, but oh well i'm going to again... Carpenter. Currently doing concrete form work.

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I am excited to say I help run a professional golf league across the country. Pretty much my dream job! 

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Navy air traffic controller. One of the best jobs out there.
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Hey guys,


I am an insurance agent for GEICO! I love the job but can't stand the fact that everywhere I look GEICO is right there!!!

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I'm 1/3 of every golf joke. I'm a rabbi.
Specialize in hatch, match, and dispatch.
My handicap is my swing.
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I'm a welder/fabricator at first coast fab in yulee fl.
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I work for the BNSF railroad. I am a trainmaster in charge of building trains heading for different areas of the country.
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I'm a retired Jack of all Trades - IT manager, bricklayer.  And pretty old - 70.

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Golf novelist, hopefully.

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I work behind the scenes for a television shopping channel. I also work with and help people choose essential oils for ailments like sore backs or migraines, etc. 

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Owner of Adventures in Advertising, Promotional Products and Apparel.  Commonly referred to as Swag, Chotskies, Trinkets, etc...

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Inside Sales / Production Coordinator for a company that spins rim halves for 3-piece custom wheels (automotive applications).
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I love the diversity here!

I'm a child psychiatrist...and welcome any psych jokes. :-D

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im a maintenance man at tyson foods in sherman tx

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New to the forum and to the game. 
Im from Malaysia and in the property business.
Over here its either sunny or rainy. So we get to play all year round.


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Golf Professional. For 26 years all around the world. I still love it.
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