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I work tech support and I'm the application specialist for a motorcycle windshield manufacturer.
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I've got two jobs.


1 - I'm a professional playwright who specializes in musicals (I write the book and lyrics and someone else composes the music).  This year I'm working on my 20th and 21st musicals.


2 - I'm an IT professional who works for a big healthcare company.


I'm guessing you can guess which job I enjoy more, and also which one pays less.

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I work armed security in county offices, courts. Also Evangelist.
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I'm a contractor, garage doors and gates primarily, based out of Temecula CA
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23, I work as a line cook at a local course. No computers at work for me :P

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PLS at a Civil Engineering, Land Planning and Surveying firm in Pugetopolis. Have worked on many GC projects in the NW.

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Archivist...I take care of old stuff

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I'm a casino dealer.



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Technical support for a DSL ISP.

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Licensed plumber, and hvac technician ,job cost estimator..for a company in Michigan.

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I'm a physician. Family medicine but also do urgent care.
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Work in electronic sales for a national distributor. Heavy iron brands like HP, Cisco, Lenovo and on and on and on....

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I do second level Tech Support for TechSmith which is a software company that creates screen capture software.  We also make Coach's Eye which is a mobile app that can be handy for analyzing a golf swing :)

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I'm and Engineering Physics student and I work Aviation Management for our local Airport.

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I am a theologian, specializing in Medieval Philosophy, and a Minister of the Netherdutch Reformed Church of Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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I'm a Sharepoint Infrastructure consultant, currently contracted on a long term mission in the financial sector...
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Retired Senior Building and Electrical Inspector>>>>>>>Las Vegas,Nevada.  High rise construction.

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I am a Sr Security Specialist for a transportation company
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