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Hi! I am Richard, retired Golf Club General Manager and now am selling golf clubs and equipment via the Internet at richiesgolf.com

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Data Analyst in Product Stewardship and Regulatory for major Chem company

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Seems a lot of PM's and IT / Developers here...well add me to that list.

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Out of retirement to work mornings at Home Depot.  Off at noon so work does not interfere with my new golf schedule.  My goal is to get into the 70s this season.  Lots of people at HD golf.  Very cool.  Tennis pro in early 80s.  Retired for a girl.  She took everything but shirt on my back.  Am poor but happy now with farm girl who is love of my life.  And she says it is important for me to golf.  Am  I lucky or what!!?  My friends think my new wife of 9 years must be brain damaged to love someone like me.  I agree.

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I'm a technical support engineer for a company in the UK called Focusrite. We make music recording products. I'm also trying to learn web design with a view to making a career of that.


Seems I'll fit in well with all the members with careers in IT/computing.

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I used to work for an italian soccer team (Serie A). Now I work with professional players (Golf, Tennis, Snowboarder). I help them with the sponsors, communication etc. 


My current project is :




Don't hesitate to give me your opinion on it. :)



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I am a drilling engineer working for a multinational energy company. Currently working in the field on drilling rigs, I am enjoying my rotational schedule which allows me to play golf almost everyday when I'm not working.



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Hi Joe, Great to know you are entering retirement. Retirement is really great you can do whatever you want at your own time. It is good to retire young so that we can have the energy to enjoy doing the  things we like, like playing golf everyday. I am not so lucky as most of my buddies are still workings so getting a flight of four on a daily basis seems quite difficult. I have to settle for once a week

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I believe most of you in this forum are golfing enthusiasts like me. I have just completed setting up a website to help golfers look for things they need from clubs to shoes. Please visit and give comments when you are free.

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Was a college student going to school for graphic design.  Then I started playing golf 2 and a half years ago.  Got hooked to every aspect of the game.  Not just playing I love the customer service/operations side.  I like the watch the course grow and love to make people happy and what better way to do that than a beautiful golf course.   The goal is to work hard on my game and take my PAT in September and begin the PGA program.   My dad is the owner of 2 courses currently and I hope to take in what he has to teach and follow down his footsteps.   

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Professional golf caddie for a "hire hot chicks to be your caddie" company.

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Im a crane operator on a oilrig, offshore in norway.

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Nothing at the moment. I'm working on getting my degree in computer science at the moment (which I should get on Saturday), and we'll see where I go from there. I might do grad school, might not.

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Manage a couple data centers in the Phx, Az area ... 

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Gentleman of leisure!!
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I'm a freelance software developer. I am mainly contracted for my Java and scrum skills and like working on complex projects. The great thing about this kind of work is that the hours are flexible so that gives me a lot of freedom to hit the course when I like.
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Hi! Long time lurker decided to finally join. I'm a software dev/marketing consultant. Got introduced to the game while doing some work for Putting Cyclops. Been hooked since.
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I was a full time community pharmacist. I had to retire early due to illness.
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