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Aircraft Maintenance in the U.S. Air Force for the past 23 years.

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Hi all,


I am a real estate agent in Australia..

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Hi everyone,


I'm a sports hypnotist.


I get the pleasure of helping people all over the world improve their mental side of their sport.


I've been told from a few clients to take up golf, so here I am.

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I get a good deal of time off b/c (Tues off, half days Thu and Fri, and weekends off), but I'm married, with two young daughters...

So, even getting out to play a single round can be contentious with the wifey.


If I had it my way, I'd be out there whenever I'm not at the office. If my wife had it her way, she'd throw out my clubs;)


So, I'm satisfied with my once a week round. I'll usually get out at least once a week and hit at least a warmup bucket.

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I am 24, I graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Business Management with minor in Chemical Engineering and Economics.  I own 49% of a large pawn shop.  I worked for our other shop during my first 2 years of college and then when we opened a new store I moved to it to manage it.  After a year I was given 25% of the business and then have had to purchase my other percentages.  I enjoy the work and it is very financially rewarding.  I don't get as much time off to hit the golf course as I want since I generally work 6 days a week, but I usually play every Sunday.

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Data Analyst and Program Manager for US Healthcare Benefits at Intel Corporation.

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Casino Table Games Supervisor. Been in the business for 27 years.



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Plant Controller for a Meat Processing company.


Yup, get a lot of Sausage Factory jokes thrown at me.

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I'm a community manager at the Belgian National Railway Company. I got a bachelor in IT-webdevelopment and I'm passionate about economy, finances, IT and communication. So if the opportunity shows up I would love to do a master in economy or communication one day. :)

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I got my degree in Construction Management, from East Carolina, in 2008 and I'm currently working as an Environmental Engineer for a heavy highway/civil contractor in South Carolina.  

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I worked as a drywall finisher for quite a few years then husband and I decided to go into ranching. Been doing that for 20 years.

We sold our cattle & place...gonna retire...land prices are good. We are still staying on to manage for one more year for the new owner. Then BUH BYE a1_smile.gif
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Hey all, new, joined last week.  Figured I'd introdue myself.  Currently in the Army as an 11B.  My ETS is within a year so I'll be heading back home to MD within the year.  Been golfing since 15, but finally dedicating to the game.   Look forward to talking golf here.

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I'm an engineer for T-Mobile. Usually I'm on the forum in the evening on my phone more often than my laptop. Wish I could play a lot now often than I do! Used to play about 25x a year, now it's maybe 5. Ouch! 2 little ones at home
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Hi all,

 I'm new to this forum. I'm from Massachusetts and work as an operator for a manufacturing facility in Plymouth. We use a process known as "Photo-Etching" to make precision metal parts, RFI and EMI shields, as well as flex circuits. Our customers include the United States Department of Defense, aerospace and medical industries, energy and power sectors and many more fields that require ISO controlled documentation and product. We also Electroplate and Electropolish, Laser-cut, and provide coating/painting properties for our customers.

 With that said this is the most intriguing job I've ever had, loads of opportunity and always something to learn. Although being an operator for 7 years wasn't part of the plan, it's a very rewarding job knowing every order I produce is moving other industries forward and improving the world we live in.


I hope to get to know you all well and maybe play a round or 2 with some of you. Anyone from the South Shore in MA should get in touch with me, I'm available in the afternoons during the week and any weekend.


P.S. In closing; Treat your operators as if they might be your boss someday, because this kid is climbing the ladder B-).

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I work for drinks giant Diageo, based in a small lab in Central Scotland, with views of the monument to William Wallace and Stirling Castle, and only 30mins drive from Gleneagles, my work is testing of the packaging for all the famous brands Diageo own, I play golf at least twice a week (Weather depending), and have also written a book on being a member at Gleneagles.

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Tax Accountant for a utility company ... :sleep:

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First time poster, I'm a Quantity Surveyor for a multinational contractor. Work in the civil engineering division. Based in Manchester, UK. Try and play as often as I can get away with it, wife and weather permitting...
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I am in the Royal Air Force as a Logistics Specialist. Based in Scotland.

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