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I'm in the United States Navy, flying the E-2D Hawkeye. Just joined, happy to be here!

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I am on the grounds crew at Fauquier Springs Country Club in Warrenton Virginia.  I do anything from raking bunkers to mowing greens  to mowing the first cut to mowing fairways. 


Chris Worthington

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Psychiatric Nurse.  I run into a lot of people on the course who might do well to pay us a visit :pound:

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Insitutional Sales at a Brokerage Firm.  In the past, I've been a research analyst and portfolio manager for mutual funds and hedge funds.  I also do some web application programming in my free time.

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I am an independent insurance agent (home, auto, motorcycle, boat, personal umbrella). 

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Webmaster of thegolfcourses.net

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 I'm a retired FAA Air Traffic Controller.  By some serendipitous set of circumstances, somebody decided to build a nice resort golf course three miles from my house, so now I'm a part time starter, which pretty much pays for my golf if nothing else.

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Starving artist blacksmith.

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Well I am retired due to a job related injury, I had 2 surgeries to my knee and 1 year of rehab, Afterwards I was informed by the Dr. that after reviewing my job description he could not in good concious release me to return to my job.

However I am capable of working so I am currently practicing to pass my PGA PATs,

My former job was fixing underground water lines and I was there 15 years.

It was a Government job so i get a nice pension but I want to return to the workforce.

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hello all... first post here



I am a financial advisor..... look forward to some good chats along the way here

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I'm retired military . I was a M1 A1 tanker . Now I just take it easy . 

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Just joined here a few days ago.....I'm a full time international transportation consultant and a certified teaching pro which I do part time.  T


the more instruction I give the harder it has become to put together a good round without all the instructions for different fixes clogging up my swing thoughts.

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Retired ex-cop.

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I builds exhibits and displays. ie. when you go to the PGA merchandise show each year, when you see nikes area, I built there set-up. Very fun job, have a lot of interesting clients, Google, Nike, Under Armour, EA Sports, Starz, etc. Lots of travel, but work with great people, and never have the issue of waking up and hating my job. Everyday brings something new and challenging. As an artist/designer with ability to build, I love my job and never take it for granted.
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I am an retired electronic technician for Bell South. I worked at a golf course pro shop part time for about 3 years and full time for a short time at a medical supply warehouse. Fully retired now and play golf on average 3-4 times a week.

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I'm a Community Work Experience Instructional Assistant for special education jr sr from our county high school district. We are a vocational transition facility that provides job training to SDC level.

I also coach Basketball at the Highschool I graduated from. This upcoming season will be my 4th year as a Highschool coach.
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I am IT Project Manager focused on large trading and commodity systems.

(and no I don't know how to get porn spam off your computer) :)

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I'm a rocket scientist. Really. I do embedded software for space and military applications along with statistical analysis.
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