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Old technology was new when it came out and many people thought steel shafts weren't fair.

You will realise that the introduction of game improvement clubs has not actually improved the scoring recreational golfers at all. Handicaps of weekend players have not improved. Yes, these clubs are more forgiving and the metal woods go further, but that hasn't translated into an improvement in scoring. As you'll see on these boards, a lot of golfers are only concerned about trying to prove how long they hit it, blaming a shaft for their crap swing or wondering if a Scotty Cameron putter will improve their game. Do you think they want these treasures taken away from them?

Both points quoted for truth! 


EVERYTHING old was new at one point.  And one persons interpretation of old school will be completely different that another persons.  Same with us gear heads and our hot rods.  My old school is the late 60's/early 70's hot rods.  To my Dad, building his "old school" Merc was a late 50's interpretation.  My grandfather probably thought old school was a horse and a 4 seat buggy.     


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I play with a guy in a league who has at least 10 full sets of clubs that he regularly rotates in play.  Many of these are older sets.  One has a Kool Kat persimmon driver and 4 wood, another old Taylormade Burners with that funky bubble shaft.  He's also got a lot of modern gear too: Titliest 907 D2, TM R7 Limited.  He played that R7 yesterday and was driving the ball much farther that he ever does when he brings out the older model gear (I'd guess upwards of 50yds farther than he usually does).  Our league plays a short course (~6000yds), so lenght isn't overly important there, but it's pretty apparent to me that modern gear is certainly longer. 

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i have a northwestern five wood that lofts the ball so sweetly, gives me one-hundred fifty yrs.+when we really connect. that is, when i keep my head down. a mcgregor driver, and somewhere in the golf bag a seven wood. younger, i never played woods in the fairway. could only hit irons. now, the five wood and a 24 degree metal wood,.chip and run from there. use a jerry glenn putter, must be sixty years old. irons, sam snead blue ridge my first new set. love em all. best of golf, james

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Several pros such as Tiger and Rickie Fowler admit to playing practice rounds with persimmon woods to sharpen their games. You can't get away with a sloppy swing with these, and you need to concentrate more. Looks like golf has been one of the few sports that has let equipment technology take over. Imagine if professional baseball allowed something other than wood for bats and stitched leather baseballs. Home runs and batting records would quickly become meaningless.

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