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Its funny when chops play blades. - Page 6

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I have a friend who bought a set of blades (sorry, mom bought him a new set). He struggles to break 110 on a regular basis, but if you ask him, he shot 3 over what you shot. "Oh don't worry I'll just hit another one." "Hey hold up I'm going to hit it again".



I just reminded myself why I would rather golf alone than play with him.

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My first clubs were owned by my grandfather and endorsed by Sam Parks Jr., a club pro who won the US Open in 1935.  Wood shafted blades, used from 8 years old through the summer of my 12th year.  My first purchase of clubs was a $12 garage sale set of blades, Sam Snead Blue Ridge, in 1969 when I was 13 years old.  I think that I played them until I bought my first cavity backs and I haven't looked back. 


I think that blades can really help you learn the game but for me the lure of more consistent shotmaking made me stop playing them.

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Originally Posted by iacas View Post

I started with blades. MacGregor/Nicklaus blades. I consider it one of the best things I could have done. I take no credit, because I did it unknowingly, but I'm glad those were the clubs I got.

I learned quickly that striking the center of the clubface was important. And I'd played all of one or two rounds of golf prior to getting them, so I was about as "noob" as it gets.

It bugs me to no end when golfers are critical of the decisions/equipment of others. Your point is spot on.

I was about a 12hc when I purchased my first set of blades (33s). I caught all kinds of heat from my friends about about the decision, but it was the best thing I could've done. One becomes more cognizant of off center hits and, if dedicated to improving, will learn quickly how to avoid the sting that comes from thin (and other) off center strikes.

Btw, my index never went backward after buying blades. The idea that they're 'too difficult' to hit is simply not right. I'm not saying that I think all players should buy blades, but if you want them, get them.
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I think it's funny when chops play shovels rather than trying to improve their swings. Just an observation that's all.e2_whistling.gif

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I think it's all a matter of personal preference and situational circumstance.

I've been fortunate enough to never have had to buy a set of irons as of yet. The only clubs I've purchased have been my R9 driver, R11 3W and White Ice putter.

The reason for that is my dad, who has a 5 handicap, always gave me his old clubs when he upgraded. The fist hand me down set were some Accuform II's which, if my memory serves me right, were cavity backs. I played those for a around 5 years, 5-10 times a season.

Then I got the Mizuno T-Zoid Pro II which are a muscle back. I was hitting the ball much better and my swing was more consistent with the Accuforms but I was in for a wake up call. I noticed a big difference in my game as it took me a while to learn to hit these clubs properly. My swing had to improve and once it did my game as a whole got more consistent, especially achieving good contact. I was able to figure out what I did wrong because of the lack of forgiveness in comparison to the Cavity backs. I was still playing around 10-15 times a season.

Then last year my dad upgraded once again and he gave me some Mizuno MP-32's which again gave a bit of a wake up call. One little mistake and you see it. I like that though as it proves to be a solid challenge and got me hooked enough that I'm getting my first membership so I can get to the next level. My handicap is currently at 17.5 and my goal is to bring down to somewhere around 10 and hope to break out of the 80's for the first time.

I don't think I could have gotten to where I am today by hitting forgiving clubs as with blades it lets you know right away when your doing something wrong and forces you to correct it.

I guess it's to each their own but I feel it can help your game more than hinder it. I think that it was all part of my dads master plan for my golf game lol.
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Threads like this make me want to buy a single MP-69 8 iron or some type of used blade just to hit it and see how it feels. Still have a few years in my MX-200's though.

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I get it. OP is good, everyone else sux. In fact, OP is so good that he has time to walk the line nosing into everyone else's bag/swing/whatever.

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Play the clubs you like. The set that inspires confidence. The set you can count on to deliver your expected result.


Don' t judge another player's choice of equipment. You have not a clue as to his reason to play what he chooses, and no right to offer your preferences unless asked.


Some play SGI because they desire technology to lessen the consequences of swing faults, or they just do not have the time or desire to develop better technique. Some play blades in the hope that the less forgiving hardware will aid in diagnosing and overcoming said faults.


It's THEIR game, and THEIR choice - pay more attention to yours and you will be less frustrated.

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Originally Posted by hawkeye View Post

I was at the range this afternoon - 45 balls - the first 5 were shanks. Wedges and 8 irons. The next half-dozen were poor hits. I guess I looked like a newbie. They're not blades but they're players irons - easier to hit than muscle backs at least.

You weren't watching me, were you?!

I see a lot of people playing blades that I don't think should - but who am I to tell them what to do? I admire anyone who will use blades in order to improve their ball striking. Surely you'll be glad to see fellow competitors struggling with blades while you launch the ball?

I agree with using blades or just better player irons to improve your ball striking. There might be a bigger learning curve but if you're focused on improving your game, you will. I can say through personal experience. There are more risks than rewards of course but as long as you can block the negativity out and focus you'll be successul.

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I started playing 2 years ago & used modern SGI irons almost from the start.    My game has improved dramatically (hcp doesn't show it due to my inepness at putting) and I had delusions of grandeur that I thought I was ready to upgrade to a much smaller headed borderline players class club (Adams forged CB3) ... unfortunatlely, it cost me alot of money to find out I just wasn't ready for it.      It was an exercise in frustration.     To me, it wasn't worth struggling for half a season with them as a quasi-training tool to get me to hit that little sweet spot.      Bought a mid level game improvement set, Mizzy JPX825's with more offset and am so much happier - golf is fun again.    

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Originally Posted by kekoa View Post


IMO. starting off with blades is like a noob bike rider buying a gixxer 1000 for his first. True blades in golf is something you don't 'grow' into.



My very first bike was a Suzuki GSX-R 1000.  Second bike was a Hayabusa.  Not a single fairing on either bike ever sniffed a piece of asphalt. 


Having said that, I have been playing golf for over 10 years and am not comfortable hitting blades.  I like the forgiveness of cavity back irons.

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I played true blades for many years first Wilson FG17 and then FG49.


Up until recently I played with and still have a set of Titleist 695MBs 2 iron thru to PW.


My view is if you are playing often and practising regularly, then blades are the thing.  They give far more feedback than the "forgiving" irons and you learn how to strike the ball better because of it.


I have moved to AP2s now, mainly because I know I ain't going to be playing as regular, (other commitments have arisen which sadly keep me away from the game I love).  But I'm not getting shut of them - I live in hope that one day I will be out on the course and the practice ground every minute god sends again.


It is also the fact that when looking down at a beautifully engineered classic forged blade, you get inspired to want to play them.  Some clubs such as a various models in the Callaway and Ping range just do not do anything for me at all.  They might be forgiving but to me they just look like gobs of metal stuck to the end of a stick! 

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What did everyone do when there weren't cavities around? Play with worse handicaps than they do now?
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Originally Posted by idgolfguy View Post

What did everyone do when there weren't cavities around? Play with worse handicaps than they do now?


In a word......yep!


Not necessarily the better players, but this game is MUCH easier for newer, less skilled players now than it was 40 years ago.  Ask me how I know......  b4_blushing.gif

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how about people who look at my MP58s and think theyre blades?

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This is for all of you sniveling and whining grandstanders….so a noob or high capper goes out and shoots 120 with a set of blades, honestly how much would his/her score improve with SGI’s???  Ya’ll act like the slightest mishit with a blade is compounded and amplified 1000x’s.  So completely untrue.  What you do get is feedback, you also get feel, you also get a thinner clean top line, etc…..  SGI’s mask and mute key components and hinder growth.  IMO the difference in negligible but enough that I’ll opt for a club that will help me grow the most.  If someone told me I could automatically shave 2 strokes off my game by switching to SGI’s I still wouldn't do it (and I am addicted to going low).  Bulky, cumbersome, ugly azz clubs do anything but instill confidence for me.  

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HA,,,,, "chops" is a funny word


sounds like a description of a lot of my shots.......

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One more thing on this.  IMO a blended set is the best of both worlds for many on the fence about blades. 

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