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Re: Your Most Memorable Shot

Par 3 165 yards - 6 Iron.

Last year I hit my tee shot, seeing it go left I yell "SH*T" Little did I know I played a fade and wasnt expecting that.

Ball Stops a Foot from the pin.
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Re: Your Most Memorable Shot


I was playing in the Kelly Cup (Ryder Cup type competition between my home club and the neighboring city's men's club) and we were playing at their course. I'm standing on the 17th hole one up.

The 17th is a medium length par five which dog legs to the left. It has two huge trees at the front right of the green and a few more about a eighty yards out from the green on the left side of the fairway. I take my three wood off the tee and wind up in a horrible lie in the left rough. I try to punch it out and it goes no where and almost dead left next to one of the trees about 80 yards out.

I have absolutely no swing righty. I grab my 7 iron and flip it over and swing at it left handed (I'm actually a lefty...but I golf righty...). I pure it. It heads just right of the flag, spins back and ends up only four feet below the hole.

My competitor saw me hit that shot and proceeded to chunk his wedge, chipped on, then three putted. I won 2 & 1.

I will never forget that
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Re: Your Most Memorable Shot

Originally Posted by underparnv View Post

(I'm actually a lefty...but I golf righty...).
Me too except im right handed and i golf left, just like phil(hint hint)
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Re: Your Most Memorable Shot

I can't help but start smiling when I think of this one

Playing a very wooded course, and my buddy pipes one down the middle. I get ready and hit my drive. Right after I hit my shot I see a squirrel darting across the fairway towards my buddies ball. Just so happens that my ball is headed towards the same spot as my buddies ball is. The squirrel gets to his ball at the same time mine does.

Lucky for him (the squirrel), he overshot by a few inches. I think my ball hit him on his tail because he squealed and did a back-flip (could been a lot worse for the little fella). So not only did I manage to hit my partners ball on the fly (a very rare thing), a furry tailed ball thief got his tail caught in between the impact too. My partners ball shot forward, mine stayed there. He got up, started yelling at my ball, swatted it away and ran after my partners, picked it up, and made off for the woods.

Everytime I play that hole now I am looking for squirrels, because I am sure he is waiting in the woods to get even.

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Re: Your Most Memorable Shot

Hitting driver on a drivable par 4.
Ended up in line with the hole around 5 feet past.
I might've died if it went in the hole.
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Re: Your Most Memorable Shot

Well the most memorable shot I have ever seen happened to my best man 2 years ago, he is a beginner golfer (high 50s-mid 60s per 9), he had 130-140 to the stick and he really cooked a 9-iron really thin, so as soon as he hits it he's turning around, cursing himself, I was about 30 yards ahead of him off to the side of the fairway, saw this missle line drive hit a mound in front of the green, take 1 big bounce onto the green and roll ito the cup about 15 feet later. It was a nice par save lol (I said he was a beginner!).
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Re: Your Most Memorable Shot

My first eagle during a match in high school. The other team was calling me Mr. Eagle for the rest of the round. Too bad it was back to normal after that third hole.
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Re: Your Most Memorable Shot

Last hole, last HS tournament, senior year. I holed out with a PW from 120 for my first eagle.
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Re: Your Most Memorable Shot

Has to be my par 3 - birdie.

A very small par 3 of 90 yards but with a large brae(hill) to the green and a row of trees to the left and bunkers to left. I suppose for the great golfers - you are looking at getting a nice beautiful lofted chip onto the green.

I shanked my shot at take off and it went flying into the top of the trees, ruffled - pinged off another tree and landed on the green and rolled over the hole, for a moment I thought it was going to go in but stopped 3ft away and rolled in for birdie.

Memorable for so many reasons, My first birdie came from a terrible shot.
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Re: Your Most Memorable Shot

My hole-in-one when I was in my early 20's(im now 33)..I'm just happy that my dad saw it before he passed..(you can say that he's a golf junkie..)
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Re: Your Most Memorable Shot

I've been playing for less than a year. I have a few.

One is my first birdie. My brother and I were playing. It was my 2nd full 18 ever and his first. A long par 5. I drive with a small fade that just avoids the woods. Second shot, 3 wood that I absolutely crushed dead straight, ended up about 30 yards off the green. Chipped up with a wedge to about a foot and tapped in for my first birdie. It was awesome.

Second is my second birdie. Par 4 huge dog leg right with a lake in the dog leg. I drive and it bounces up on the hill that semi-protects the lake and dies before it can get to the water. Second shot, 7 iron from a downward lie, absolutely crushed it over several trees and looks pretty, hits the fringe on the elevated green and takes a nasty hop to the right and rolls off the green. Couldn't see the hole, just the flag and I hit a beauty of a flop and it rolled right in. I didn't see it fall in, but my dad and brothe were waiting on my flop so they could putt. It was great.

Third, first eagle I saw my dad make. He's a lefty and absolutely crushes the ball on drives. a short 350 par 4 and he slices the ball and it ends up on the top of a hill right past the driving range. He hits a 3 hybrid that takes a bounce and hits the green and I tell him he hit a good shot. We start driving our cart over to my brother (he sliced his on the other side) and on the way, my dad asks if his balled rolled off the green. I told him I didn't think it did. As we get to my brother he says he thinks it rolled off, so my dad is ticked. When we get up there we see that it had fallen in the cup. He was so tickled I couldn't stop laughing. It was great to see that big smile on his face.

I've since chipped in several times for par. My favorite has to be the time I skulled the ball and it flew straight at the flag, smacked it right in the middle, flew up in the air about 5 feet and then landed in the hole.
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Re: Your Most Memorable Shot

2nd shot into a par 5 #18. Pulled my 7 iron left of the green and caught the cart path. It managed to take a 50'+ bounce in the air down the cart path and took another bounce off the cart path one more time and then it bounced off the clubhouse roof, back off the cart path, and into a patch of grass near the putting green. No OB stakes so I played it and pitched on, two putted, and took bogey. Had to hear it from all the guys in my league though.
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Re: Your Most Memorable Shot

I hit into trees a lot so I have developed a lot of skill with hitting shots out of trouble, honestly its probably the best part of my game. I hit into a small cluster of trees on the right side of the hole and the ball stopped just to the left of an oak tree with a very low branch hovering at about chest level about 10 feet in front of my ball. There was no way to go over the branch because of the other branches of the tree being in the way. I punched a 2 iron just under the branch and it carried about 75 yards and rolled another 25 to be on the green about 10 feet from the cup. It was awesome because I actually planned out a somewhat difficult shot and executed it, which doesn’t happen very often for me. I 2 putted for par also which is an awesome feeling.
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Re: Your Most Memorable Shot

My best shot was not my ace, although that was sweet. My best shot was on a par 5. I was in the right fairway trap about 214 out to a severely elevated green. I figurered I would try and hit a 3 wood out because that is what I would normally hit from that distance to this particular green. I really didn't think I would make a good shot but it was AWESOME!! I picked it cleanly and put it 20ft from the hole and sank the eagle!!
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Re: Your Most Memorable Shot

i might have answered before, but i had a new one on sunday.

hit my drive on #2, and sliced it. i was in the right rough with 192 left to the pin, which was in the back, and a bunker to carry. i have never before been comfortable with a 4-iron, but i have been dead hooking my hybrid of late.

i crushed a 4-iron that landed in the fringe JUST over the bunker and rolled to 5 feet

and yes, i made the putt
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I was talking to my old college coach recently and we were reliving memories of the various tournaments we played.  He brought up this one shot that I hit, which to this day I still vividly remember.


it was a 19 degree rescue club from a downhill lie that needed to hook about 30 yards to bend around the trees (dogleg left) Long story short I hit it to about 10 feet, and am confident I couldn't do it again if i had 100 more balls.


I'd love to hear some other tales...

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My most memorable was last season at my little par 3 course.  On the longest hole 205 yards slight uphill, I pulled out my 4 hybrid and let it rip.  Shot it straight as could be and could hear is sizzle through the air.  Put it 3 feet from the pin.  That was the only time ive ever gotten on the green in 1 for that hole.  Messed up the put but I didn't care the tee shot was so satisfying!

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Second favorite was my first birdie last spring.  140 yards downhill easy 8 iron.  Put it 2 feet from the pin thought I was going to hole it!

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