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Originally Posted by dak4n6 View Post

In the AC, NJ area, I have to put in a pitch for my home course, Seaview CC (formerly Marriot Seaview). It was recently bought by Stockton State College, and they have remodeled and upgraded both of their courses. Their two courses are totally different in character, with the Bay course being a true links built on saltmarsh wetlands (and site of the LPGA ShopRite Classic), and the Pines course being a classic tight parklands style. Seaview has a rich heritage, having been visited by Presidents, celebrities, and golf legends, and is a wonderful overall playing experience.

Both of the Seaview courses are nice I played both years ago and thought highly of both the courses. I will say for south jersey I played Twisted Dunes and thought that course was pretty nice but maybe it has changed since I was there.


Maryland has a lot of nice courses a ton of which are public I guess Bulle Rock is the front runner according to most top 10s. I personally think some other courses are slightly better but Bulle Rock is a nice place to play. If you are in Ocean City I like Links at Lighthouse Sound but only slightly over some other courses and it is a little on the pricey side.

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I forgot twisted Dunes.  That is a good course down the shore as well.  And your right about Bulle Rock.  WAAAAY overpriced/overrated for the course.  it should be about an $80 course.

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-Longaberger Golf Club

In city- River Greens Golf Club

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Originally Posted by AmenCorner View Post

I haven't played it yet myself, but dad and brother have. That course is so tough, I think my bro shot 99 and birdied 17! He's not a very good putter but made a monster putt for the 2.

 I've played Bulle Rock twice from the tips.  Both times I was playing with low handicappers that were in the business and played a lot of tough courses.  No one broke 90.

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Clearly, Pacific Dunes in the Bandon complex.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma = Southern Hills and The Patriot Golf Club

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Originally Posted by Big_M View Post

public: Shepard's Hollow 10-27 http://www.shepherdshollow.com/?
private: Oakland Hills

public: Arcadia Bluffs http://www.arcadiabluffs.com/
private: Crystal Downs

Generally... people who don't know about Northern MI as a golf destination are missing out. There are a lot of courses, therefore prices are kept in check due to competition. If you live in the Midwest and are thinking of taking your next golf vacation in typical places like Myrtle, Sandhills, or Florida... you may want to consider Northern MI. In the summer the weather is perfect, usually not over 80-85, and often in the 70's. The scenery in Northern MI is unmatched as well.


Agree - would love to get the chance to play Crystal Downs



public - Eagle Eye

private - Walnut Hills



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Originally Posted by AmenCorner View Post


In Florida, I think the consensus is that Seminole in North Palm Beach and TPC Sawgrass are the best. Seminole usually ranks in the Top 10 Nationwide.

There are tons of other really good courses, including a very high concentration of them in the Naples area in Southwest Florida.

Ehem...we got a track up here in Orlando called Bay Hill. Just sayin'.


Others in Fla that would have to be up there -


PGA National Champion course, PB Gardens

The Medalist, Hobe Sound (Norman's course)

Innisbrook Copperhead, Tampa

Wold Woods Pine Barrens, Brooksville


Doral Blue is overrated IMO


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The best course in my town would probably be Saratoga National just down the road from the horse track. It's a great modern layout with plenty of trouble to keep you occupied during a round. I've only been on it a couple times but I guess Bill Parcels hangs out there quite a bit in the summer. We also have an exclusive Donald Ross private course, Glenns Falls CC that I've had the pleasure to play for the US Open qualifier, and just up the road is the Sagamore in Lake George which is another great Donald Ross layout. Myself I like the Donald Ross layouts, their a little short by today's standards but still just as challenging.
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Originally Posted by Wally Fairway View Post


Agree - would love to get the chance to play Crystal Downs



public - Eagle Eye

private - Walnut Hills



Actually, I would put Forest Dunes above Arcadia, as far as the golf is concerned. Arcadia is an experience.  It's a GREAT golf course, but it's the extras that make it special.  The view along the bluffs is awesome.  However, I play it at least once a year, usually 2-3 times.  I still enjoy it every time, but it's a little different once you're accustomed to it. 


If you're basing your choice on just the course, Forest Dunes is better.  It's not the same experience though.  If I was choosing to play one or the other, one time, I would go with Arcadia.  If I was choosing one to play every day, I'd take Forest Dunes. 


Lots of good tracks to choose from though.  I really like Jim Engh designs, so Tullymore and True North are among my favorites.  Throw in Elk Ridge, Black Lake, Bay Harbor, Treetops Signature, Boyne's Heather, etc. etc. etc. If only Michigan had a longer season to get all these rounds in!


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Originally Posted by The Recreational Golfer View Post

Clearly, Pacific Dunes in the Bandon complex.

Youre now the third person in this thread to mention Bandon.  I live in Portland and its a course that I want to play for sure, I think I need to get better before I drop that kind of cash on a green fee so I can actually enjoy myself.  In Portland though I like to play Eagle Point and then I have fun and really enjoy Eastmoreland.

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not sure where to start here between Olympic and a lot of courses on the monterrey peninsula.


There are so many good courses in every state.  My favorite state and city to play in is Columbus Ohio...unbelievable...played The Golf Club once and that's just the start.

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Tough to find "the best" in my area (Fresno/Clovis, CA). Some of the private courses I haven't played although Fort Washington seems to be the best from what I hear. Stevinson Ranch, about an hour from here, is probably the best I've played. Especially when there is wind protecting the course...tough SOB. Diablo Grande is nice too but have only played the Legends, not Ranch course.


I know everyone, for good reason, is high on Cypress or Pebble but Bayonet & Black Horse is pretty damn awesome. And I love Torrey South.


Just got back from a trip to Georgia and for those that live there, played Cobblestone in Acworth. My friends and I loved it, can't beat the $50 green fee.

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I'm 30 miles from Pinehurst..........


But for courses that are very affordable, there's a few nice ones here.  Scothurst is a challenging track with the best greens you can get for under $50 a round.  King's Grant is decent.  If I want to travel a little, Thistle Golf Club in Sunset Beach, NC is always one of my favorites.

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Best Public Courses I've played:  Bethpage Black, Bethpage Red, Tallgrass Country Club

Best Private I've played:  Rock Hill, Mill River, Indian Hills Country Club

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Pinecrest, Idaho Falls, ID

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The National  Parkville, MO

Shadow Glen  Olathe, KS

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The best course in my city is also quite possibly one of the best courses in the state - or at least the northern half (in my own opinion).


Blue Heron Golf Club (http://www.golfblueheron.com/index.php)


It was previously rated in Golf Digest in years past, but take that with a grain of salt obviously.

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