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What did you buy on your last trip to the golf store? - Page 97

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Earlier this week I picked up a set (3H, 4H 5H) Taylormade R11 hybrids.  Then picked up a 2H a couple days later.  I really hate to say this, but I am in love with these clubs.  I'll be bagging the 2, 4, and 5 for now. 





Today I traded in a bunch of clubs I have been picking up at garage sales here and there for a White Ice 2 ball center shafted putter.



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52 degree wedge and a headcover.

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54 degree Vokey and a box for Nike Vapor Blacks. 

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Picked up my driver that I was getting reshafted since it snapped a couple weeks back, noticed they had Callaway Hex Black on sale for $27.30/dz and picked up 3.

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Reshafted my 4 wood and regripped my driver.
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Bought a Ping G15 3 Wood (15.5°) that was on sale.

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Picked up a pair of true tour white/black shoes... wow what a perfect fit shoe for my feet... shoes always seem to be to narrow in the toes... these give my toes room to breath and feel really stable.

I also grabbed a couple gloves and a dozen gamers.

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I picked up a titleist hat and had to grab a dozen of the hex blacks for 27.30 and a new glove.

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Last 3 trips:


- Scratch 53 and 58 from Golf Town

- lengthen and grip change for new wedges at RD Discount Golf

- a dozen Bridgestone B330S at Sport Chek - better stock up since whenever I find my new favourite ball it gets discontinued

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Not a golf store, but just picked up a Yes! Victoria II putter on eBay for $9.50 shipped...listed as a floor model, just got it today, still has plastic on the head/grip...brand new.

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The wife is probably going to be pissed... I bought more Travis Matthews clothes today at the course! c3_clap.gif

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Odyssey White Ice #1 putter. a1_smile.gif

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Odyssey White Ice D.A.R.T. blade.  Ive never been much of a fan of Odyssey putters but I like how easy this one is to aim.

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Picked up 3 12-packs of Callaway Big Bertha balls. I was surprised to see that they had hexagon dimples instead of the normal round ones.

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Went to Golf Galaxy and purchased balls and some tees. I'd probably try (and buy) clubs if there wasn't always an audience at their THREE hitting stations. It isn't that I mind people watching, but I'd like to take my time and I can never tell who's a spectator and who wants to jump in and hit balls. The last time I was hitting drivers, there were three people watching. I figured they wanted to hit too, so I cut it short. As soon as I stepped out, they walked away.

I know, I know....I could just ask them if they're waiting. I figure I'd just get, 'Go ahead...take your time.', then I'd still feel rushed. My problem, not their's.
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Bought two Sciflex footjoy gloves, new grips for my driver and hybrid clubs, and a box of hex callaway golf balls since they were on sale.  Haven't tried the balls yet, hope to do so this weekend. :)

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intheholegolf.com has a 15% off sale during the PGA (PGA15 promo code) and I purchased 3 dz HEX Chrome Optic Yellow Golf  Balls and socks.

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Not a golf store purchase but I found a VRS Str8 fit Adapter sleeve on eBay for my Nike VRS driver. Ready to reshaft with my new UST Proforce V2 shaft. Also thinking of going with the new Nike Dual Sole 56* wedge.



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