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What did you buy on your last trip to the golf store? - Page 102

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true_linkswear.gif golfshoes!! 


Thought I'd give them a try due to all the rave reviews on this site. Super comfortable, unlike any shoe I've ever worn. Almost a slipper type feel. The minute I stepped on the green and walked to my ball I was sold. I felt every nuance of the greens contour, slope became very evident and I didn't misread a break all day. Sure, I under played or overplayed a few but I always got the direction right even when my eyes were screaming "it breaks the other way!!", My feet knew the truth, because of my TRUES!


EDIT ** I also did not experience ANY traction issues at all, which was a main concern going into the purchase.

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Smash Bag and an Adidas belt from the clearance rack.

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Golf Pride V-RAD Camo putter grip and a regripping. Also a Texas A&M putter cover!

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PING golf towel...

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cleveland classic series HB #1 putter 34"... it should be in monday..whoop whoop

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A Cobra Baffler 3 hybrid and a Cobra AMP 3 wood.

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Originally Posted by Russtopher View Post

Callaway HX Soft indoor balls

Chipping mat


I was going to get a hitting net, but the reviews online scared me off, as this is for hitting in my garage over the winter so I can work on my (admittedly bad) swing. Last thing I need is a broken window, so I'll work with these. Response is OK, not weighted like a ball, but when I s*&^k one, it goes right, so I know I'm not swinging properly.


Get one from Dicks, there's a "Big Net" 8'x8' not normally for sale. Callaway makes an 8x8 net as well for about $159 also at Dicks. There was also a thread (on this forum) with someone getting one from a company based in Washington state that looked pretty good. I plan to get that as well as this one gets destroyed. The net part on mine works very well, the frame is made of that pop up tent material. It seems to have held up for about 3 weeks so far (I hit about 500 balls per day, so it might be unusually high wear). I broke two clips that hold the straps together, but just tied them together. You might want to setup multiple nets in your garage like they do at Dicks. That would be a cool setup.


My kids use our net setup during the day sometimes, and I use it to hit at nights after my kids go to bed. Sometimes, an early morning session helps get the body going as well.


I would invest a bit more on a full size mat that you can stand on. It is more comfortable.

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Nothing.. I just like being around a lot of new golf stuff. a1_smile.gif
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My early Christmas presents arrived today.... the Cobra AMP irons.  d4_w00t.gif



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Cobra Baffler 3 hybrid and Cobra AMP 3 wood!

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New iron set Mizuno MP 53 with Project X 6.0 flighted. I thought I was going to hit the course with it on Saturday and what happend, it starts to snow.
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I haven't posted in this thread in a while, but the last few things I bought were a TaylorMade RBZ 4 wood and two pairs of the TRUE sensei shoes.
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got a Project x 5.0 graphite shaft and had it installed on my Powerbilt AFO WMD driver......it is a 350 shaft and the driver head is a 335......the Builder lightly sanded the shaft and it fit like a glove.



he said it may break.....but my SS is only 87-94 mph...so I don't think I'll snap it.




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My XMas present is :


My first fitted iron series : Mizuno MP 59  3 to PW + MP4 SW 52° &  60°.

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New backup driver Ping I15 9,5 deg with TFC 700 Stiff shaft. Hit it in Trackman with really good numbers. Length 273- 328 yards avg 301.2 yards, spin 2450 rpm.

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New spikes and a glove. Not too exciting......
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Super Stroke 65 putter grip for the new Cleveland Classic 1.5 that should be delivered today.

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