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What did you buy on your last trip to the golf store? - Page 111

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Rockbottom was blowing out the orange e6, so I stocked up.


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19* Cobra Hybrid ($40.00!!); Garmin GPS watch.

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Chipping Net, Nike Plaid Cart Bag and my 2 year old daughter had me buy her a club headcover that is a dog with a green jacket on, because she saw animals in the store.  He is now aptly name "Gusta" cause she can't say Augusta.

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Bought my wife a set of Lynx HXI irons and Hybrids with a Lynx 3 wood for her to try out the game. Still need a putter for her and thinking about the Driver not sure if she needs the driver yet but I may get it for her anyway.

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Bought a dozen NXT Tour balls for my main game and then a dozen Callaway HEX Warbird balls for practicing in my yard. Oh and I bought a bag of Pizza Combos.
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My last trip was to the "Tour Stop" store at the World Golf Hall of Fame in St Augustine. I went in to buy some balls, a hybrid, and maybe a wedge.


Walked up to three different employees and started to engage them in conversation, only to have them either ignore me, or ask me to wait a minute and not return.


Walked out and bought stuff online, and saved some money in the process.


Won't go back there.

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Garmin G3 on sale! a1_smile.gif
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What did I buy on my last trip to the golf store?


Shag bag.

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Picked up a cobra amp driver today
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Took a 9 degree R11 driver, a R11 4 wood and a Calloway RAZR non adjustable to the store, and with a little cash added, came out with a Titleist 913 D2 and some NXT tour S balls. Proceeded to hit the most fairways ever for me the very next day, including a 250 yd drive down the middle, which for me is a long drive (57 yr old with terrible back).

Thinking about 913 woods next................a3_biggrin.gif
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A stand bag, putter,driver for the wife

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Just scored a Nike SasQuatch driver at Golf Galaxy for $20.  Last year I gamed a SQ Sumo for a while and really liked it but the r-flex shaft was too whippy for me.  I saw this one on the pre-owner rack, saw the s-flex shaft and after a few hits on the simulator I was like, "sold!"

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Ping G25 irons !!

After gaming a set of Ping G2 irons for 10 years, I thought it was about time for an upgrade.

I picked up a set of Ping G25, 4-PW + UW. I also did another full fitting as my swing has changed a bit since my last fitting when purchasing the Ping G2's 10 years ago.

I went with +1" and 3 degrees upright with oversize grips.
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Stopped by Martins World of Golf in Mrytle Beach last week while on a short vacation, found footjoy spikeless shoes on sale for $67 and gave them a new home. Two shirts found their way into my hand cart on my way to the register.
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Titleist 910 f2 3 wood and a pack of brush tees. Cheating I know.... but I like em'
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Set of Wilson Di-7 irons for £100. 

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Taylomade rocketbladez 5-aw and a New Nike performance trolly bag a1_smile.gif
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I just now got my $10.00 Advantage Club rewards from Golf Galaxy and an additional $10.00 off of $100.00.... looks like I need to spend $80.00 this weekend!

I'll update as soon as I find out what I'm getting, though I will most likely re-grip my driver and wedges and get a dozen Titleist Velocity or two.

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