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What did you buy on your last trip to the golf store? - Page 113

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Nike VRS Covert Driver & Nike VRS covert 3 Wood with Kuro Kage Regular shafts at Dick's.


Was going to order it with the Project X 5.0 shafts until I spent some time hitting the stock shaft on the monitor......decided I liked the lower boring trajectory and the accuracy was terrific.


Also bought two dozen Maxfli U2's (BOGO)...have used the U4x and wanted to try the U2....at $10/dozen why not?



Played Sat & Sun trying to get used to the Covert....getting quality distance as I adjusted the loft to the 12.5 neutral setup. All drives were right down the middle!


Going on a Buddy trip this week (7 rounds in 4 days) and wanted to be sure I had it in my bag.  Got 26 players for 4 days in Sebring, FL making the total weekend payout $3,600.

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CG16 60/12 wedge, Winn grip and a box of Titleist Velocity balls.

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I picked up a couple dozen Bridgestone e5's.

My wife picked up a new Taylormade R1 driver for me as an anniversary present. I took it our for a spin on Sunday shooting a my personal best on the front nine, but I had a few blow up holes on the back nine that didn't do me justice!

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Adams Speedline Super S Driver & a 3 pack of Wilson Staff Grip plus gloves.


Previous trip... double dozen of Wilson Staff Zip golf balls. (very nice ball, soft, good distance, enough spin & inexpensive)

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Originally Posted by Goonsidious View Post

Bought a double dozen for $20. Thought it was an incredible deal since I've heard good things about a few of Wilson's golf balls lately.


Right when I get home I get responses on another site saying how these things have a very high trajectory, don't spin well on greens and will run and run, and that they don't do much of anything.



I'm so ready to use these.. d2_doh.gif  Guess I'll finish off my box of Gamer V2s and just have all of these in my bag for spares.. was hoping to switch to these and save some dough.


These balls work great for me. Every feature listed on the box is real !!!

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A dozen balls of Taylormade Lethals & TW13 Nike Golf shoes. =)
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Ping G20 Irons, Bridgestone E6 balls

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Went into Golf Town today and picked up some new FJ WeatherSof gloves. Haven't used them before but I'm trying something new. Have been using different TaylorMade gloves and thought I'd spring for something new.
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Ping G25 driver

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Balls today.


Last time was a new Titleist driver


Next time (probably tomorrow) new Titleist woods

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And today happened...............15 and 19 degree Titleist 913F woods followed me home
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Ping G25 driver and G20 3 wood
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Ping G20 3 wood... Love it
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set of Cleveland CG16i Irons.

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Set of Cleveland clubs for my wife (she was with me).
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Titleist vokey sm2 56/8 wedge and one orange and one yellow niion grips
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Next on the list for me is a new putter. Hopefully somewhere in town has a sale soon. Not like others, I only have two shops/stores to go to. (Sports Authority and Roger Dunn) =(

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Wife got me a couple Nike Golf shirts for Father's Day. I also plan on purchasing a pair of True Linkswear shoes this week after trying them on and falling in love.
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