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What did you buy on your last trip to the golf store? - Page 114

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Went to Marshalls and scored some Greg Norman Play Dri shirt for 19.99 and then Steinmart for Bolle Tech Golf shorts for 19.99. 

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Cobra AMP Cell 3-4w and a Dri-Tac to replace the stock grip.

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Father's Day Sale at the local PGA Tour Superstore, so I bought 3 shirts, PGA brand, for $19.99 each, and then I also snagged me another part of shorts for $25.99.

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A new towel and a dozen balls: TaylorMade BRZ Urethane.

The covers of those balls aren't very good, one in three shows cracks after a good hit.. I'm going to send them back :(
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I picked up a $140 Nike Method Core Drone 34" from Edwin Watts for $76.......a real steal!


Gamed it yesterday and was dead on for all 6 foot putts.  They rolled off the face so easy.  However, I was short on all long putts, 10+ feet.


I have been using a 360 grm Slotline SSi693 for the past 3 years.  The Drone is only 350 grms.


I guess it will take some time getting used to the lighter putter.

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Two golf shirts (purple and yellow) from the PGA store at the Vegas Airport, $20 each. United Airlines terminal. Then dropped $20 in the slot machine(Wheel of Fortune) right before boarding and won $75. Haha...free shirts!
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Went to the Golfsmith "Extreme" shop in Myrtle Beach last week. IT was too hot to play after not feeling good after the previous day's foray. I walked around for a bit and tried one of those Jumbo grips on a putter. (one that was similar to my Odyssey 2 ball blade) I liked it and figured I'd get one there and have it installed. But I wandered over to one of the stations and asked about having my launch angle checked on the driver- I thought that it launched WAY too high, and what it would cost. If I needed a new shaft or maybe the club tweaked (TM R11s 9*), I would consider having it taken care of in addition to having the putter re-gripped. He just said, go get it, and I'll let you whack a few to check the numbers. Fine, I go get the driver and the putter out of the car and meet him at one of the stations. He said to have at it for awhile to warm up and he would check the numbers when I was ready. We checked the figures and found that I had pretty decent numbers overall, Clubhead speed was just over 100, and launch angle was right around 13, although the spin was a bit high. Carry was about 225 with totals around 245/250 But it certainly seemed worse when actually playing- he thought that maybe I tee'd it up too high, since in the simulator they couldn't get it high enough for where I usually have it. Equator of the ball was JUST below the crown, maybe 1/8 to 3/16 below where I keep it. So that's a free tip right there, I was a bit high on the face and just missing the sweet spot. We talked about my other clubs and he said they had, in stock, the TP R11s Fairway to match the driver.... I currently have a 16* Orlimar that I love off the tee when needed and play off the deck, and a 13* FTiZ that is STRICTLY for off the tee. He thought the R11s fairway would be a perfect replacement for the Orlimar and would I like to give it a shot- they could give me a deal on it since it was a leftover (not used, just new leftover). Sure, let's give it a few whacks. Straight out of the box there was a problem- pulls and over draw. Yardages were okay, just left. We tweaked it by decreasing loft and opening face 1 click. "ZING", that was the magic setting. A gentle fade with 200/210 carry and 220/225 total and a much tighter dispersion. SOLD! (Certainly could have used it on the Love 9th hole the previous day) Overall spent about 2-1/2 hours in the place (AIR CONDITIONING!), no REAL pressure to buy, but I had already committed to the new grip anyway. Got the TM fairway for $129 (no adjustment tool, but I have two already) including head cover, and the Super Stroke 3.0 installed on the spot for $25. I guess since I bought the club, there was no charge for the analytics about my swing. I probably hit about 80 balls anyway so I didn't NEED to play in the heat at all, I could enjoy the air conditioning and swing away. Unfortunately, I can't remember the guy's name other than he used to work for Srixon. Oh, he didn't try and sell me a new ball type either- said I probably could use any 'pro' ball if I chose to, but the RBZ Urethane's should be fine if I liked them. So thanks to 'that guy' for all the help.
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12 Srixon Z Star $29.99
2012 balls
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Originally Posted by iWALK18 View Post

I bought:
- A bag of zero friction tees
- a club brush/scrubber cleaner thingy...

I resisted buying... everything else in the store...

You know I never had a brush to attach to my towel ring on my bag until a few weeks ago.  I carried a tooth brush in my bag lol.  That's my newbie confession for the day.

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Well, after the fourth hole today, apparently it'll be a new shaft for my driver.....broke right off after a decent, but oddly short (245) drive - as I was putting it in my bag - right at the collar.

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I needed new golf shoes, so yesterday I bought 2 pairs.  A pair of black Ecco Bioms, and a white/brown pair of FJ Contours.

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I got issues. Bought a TM rescue 11 and a TM r11s fw 4. Ugh I swore I wouldn't buy anymore clubs this year. I hate.myself.
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2 packs of z star xv for 29$ a piece
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Badass straw hat with a tan ribbon around the to.  Matches my white/tan FJ's and tan belt perfectly.  Booyah!

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Ping G15 17* and 23* hybrid to go with my G20 20* hybrid. Bag is complete now

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Picked up a couple pairs of Adidas Climalite Fashion pants from Golf Town. Can't go wrong with these pants, love em!
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Got a pair my first pair of True Lnkswear shoes. I bought the Senseis and I LOVE them. Most comfortable shoe I've ever worn.
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Last trip was a good one. Last night picked up some new Mizuno MP-H4s.  I had to take out a HELOC time get them, and who knows when I'll be able to afford to play again. Damn they are sweet though.

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