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What did you buy on your last trip to the golf store? - Page 118

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I have the week off so I picked up 3 dozen yellow Bridgestone e6 golf balls.  I plan on playing multiple rounds daily.

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I just bought a Cleveland cg15 62*/6
To go with the cg15 56*/8 I bought the other week. And picked up a brush on a zip wire that attaches to bag to keep the grooves clean.
And then I treated myself to a Bridgestone cap! Trucker style with mesh back for ventilation and pre curved peak, not one of those ridiculous flat billed peaked cap that make ya head look like a melon.
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I picked up a 50 degree 10 bounce Cleveland Golf 588 RTX Wedge (Cavity Back) and it certainly lives up to all of the hype. Review to come shortly!

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Traded in a CG15 wedge for an Odyssey White Ice 2 Ball. Also bought some Nike golf shorts and a dozen Titleist Velocity balls.  DSG is always more than fair with me. Gave me $39 trade allowance on a club that can be bought for $79 new. I had guys on craigslist offering me $25 for it. With my $20 rewards cert and 20% apparel coupon walked out for $123 and it put another 300 points into my rewards account with the bonus cards they sent me.

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2 dozen Z-Star 2 dozen Z-Star XV both in Yellow. Some tees, and socks.

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1 dozen z star, and spikes.

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St Andrews Old Course hats, shirts, and ball markers for myself and a few relatives!

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Tiger Shark putter grip for my SC Fastback2....goodbye Super Stroke 2.0 and take those  6 - 8 extra putts you left me, per round, on my last nine rounds. Tiger Shark...I'll never leave you again....

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I bought titleist leather glove, Cobra AMP Cell Pro driver and Tiger Woods 2013 golf shoes.
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I'm playing this weekend with my 2 boys.....so I bought a 15 pack of Pinnacles, so they aren't using/losing my ProV1's. I'll play the Pinnacles along with them, and they are only $1/ball.

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Bought an IJP Shirt... once you go Poulter, you never go Tiger, Sergio,Zach, DLIII, or ...

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Picked up a New Ping Greyhawk putter, dumped the SC.

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No purchase.  But dropped off my driver to get a rattle fixed.  Very annoying.


(just had a broken shaft replaced and then a rattle developed after a month or so - Nike would fix the rattle for free, but the shop can do it in a day or so).  It stinks, because with the new shaft, my drive is becoming my best shot lately.  (yes, I need to practice my irons and fw's more then).


I did some research on rattles and apparently this isn't too uncommon after a reshaft.  Especially on a regular type club.  Though mine has an adjustable hosel (VR Pro STR8 Fit).


I tried to tip the rattling bit towards the hosel and then heating the hosel to see if there is any set wax to melt and capture whatever was in there.  Not sure if that applies to this type of club or not.  Didn't work.


The club guy at the store said it sounded like a bit of flashing is loose (not plastic or wax remnant) and that he'd need to drill an access hole (inside the hosel, likely remove the adjustable piece plug and then in behind that....so no cosmetic problems or anything visible) to get some rattle foam inside.  Sounds like a cheap fix.  He said typically $10-$12.  (I think that's worth it vs sending to Nike for a couple weeks even if free)


Stuck with my Sasquatch for the weekend.  (I'm glad I kept my backup driver now).  CLANK!!!!!  Whooooosh!!!

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Oakley polo, a dozen Nike 20XI X Golf Balls (Normally too much for me to justify, but on sale for $29.99 so I figured I'd give them a whirl), and a Taylor Made hat.

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Originally Posted by cipher View Post



Review to come.


OK,  the head cover is a winner regardless

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Originally Posted by rehmwa View Post


OK,  the head cover is a winner regardless

Absolutely. a3_biggrin.gif  I have been using the balls by those guys and they are awesome. 

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My 7 yr old son will be styling an IJP Jr Shirt for his birthday ... 



Heck, they were on sale...

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