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PGA West Stadium Course

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I made a tee time for two during early june at the stadium course, and apparently it was 150 $ for two people. Golf digest said the green fees were 235, so i was wondering if anyone knew if they were doing maintenince, or what because 70 a person seems cheap for that level of course.
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Re: PGA West Stadium Course

$235 is for prime-time Palm Springs area golf, November-March. It's gettin' hot in the desert these days. During the dead of summer there is a special run for the two La Quinta courses with the four public PGA West courses. Somewhere around $145/night gets you a villa at La Quinta and unlimited golf at any of the courses. The greens in the summer are not what they are in the winter. But, still pretty playable.

PGA West Stadium is my second favorite course. If you like golf courses that will kick you in the face, this is the course for you.
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Re: PGA West Stadium Course

I did the La Quinta 2 nights/3 days and play unlimited package last year in June. It was cheap BUT extremely hot. Replays were unlimited. I played PGA West which kicked my butt. It is extremely difficult. I believe after numerous years the PGA Tour said it was too difficult and stopped doing the Skins Tournaments there. It is incredible to experience though.
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Re: PGA West Stadium Course

It could be very hot but you will be fine. Last Saturday it was 110 there and this weekend it will be 75. Take your entire shag bag as you are gonna go thru some balls. To say the course is penal is an understatement. Its a lot of fun but don't take it too serious as there are some nice forced carries of over 220 yards with wind. It will be a blast. Take lots of sunscreen too
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Re: PGA West Stadium Course

Pete Dye tricks you into believing it is really difficult but it's not quite that bad. Putting is where it gets tough, finding the right speed and line is really a challenge. Fantastic experience, one of the better courses in the world, you will remember it for a long time.

If you're playing in the afternoon esp. on Sunday you might want to keep some gatorade in your bag as the cart girl may not get around, they don't allow you to bring your own drinks, but you must hydrate often, and use a lot of sunscreen.
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That price seems very much in range for the time of the year (June) which is considered the off season. I suggest that you tee off as early in the morning as possible...make that Tee time ASAP.  Needless to say, it gets warm in the Desert in the Summer time. The Stadium is a Must Play if you enjoy golf. Take a Tear Towel and be ready for a Challenge. Have Fun.


Larry K

PGA West Resident.

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Was told I NEEDED to play the Stadium course once and it is pretty straightforward tough but pretty fair.

I do prefer the Nicklaus Tournament course with it's "target/shot management" design.

I get lucky to get a free round on either course as a "perk" for working as a volunteer at the Bob Hope/Humana in Jan/Feb.


Played with 3 guys up from San Diego to play the Norman, Stadium and Nicklaus over a weekend.  We played Nicklaus on Monday and they were cussing the Stadium (they played Sunday) the entire round--nowhere flat and no flat lies anywhere (not really quite that bad.


Good luck on your sojourn to the desert,  lots of water and Gatorade for your rounds.


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