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64-70° wedges - Page 2

Poll Results: Do you carry any 60°+ wedges?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 80% of voters (53)
    No I don't, they don't make them for a reason!
  • 3% of voters (2)
    Yes, 60° bent to 61
  • 0% of voters (0)
    Yes, 60° bent to 62
  • 13% of voters (9)
    Yes, 64°
  • 3% of voters (2)
    Yes, 70°
  • 0% of voters (0)
    Yes, 64-70° but not 64/70°. Specify!
66 Total Votes  
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Re: 64-70° wedges

Please tell me there is really no such thing as a 70* wedge, and this thread is a gag, please.
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I have a 70 wedge, it says rip tide on it.  It's FLAT.  But i've used it quite a few times.  Typically a over bunker shot 15 yards or so.  When the pin is close to the bunker on the other side.  It goes almost straight up and straight down.  Does not roll.  It's fun to use.

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i picked up a Cleveland 58* wedge a few yrs ago and hardly ever use it..   i usually stick with my PW and 52* Cleveland..   


I've used my 58* on the range just to practice with it and can really only get it to go about 40 yards max... and its basically straight up n down lol


my 52* is about 80 to 90 yards max....

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I recently bought a 62*, up down hop stop! I'm still working on the lengths of shots but I like it!
Of course I can open the face to 65 for when I'm on the green and there's a tree I can't putt round!
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58* is all that I need.  I used to have a Pinemeadow 64* and it was great when you hit it perfect but it seems like 7 out of 10 shots were either a linedrive bullet or a chunk that went about 2 feet.

I dont see the need for anything more than a 60*.  If you need more loft, just open the face.

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I have a 64 degree Vokey. Total waste of money. Played 3 rounds with it. I never use more than my 60. And when I'm trying to sure up the top of my bag the 56 is the highest lofted wedge in my bag. I barely use my 60 degree wedge. I mainly use it when I play a specific course which has a lot of elevated greens with bunker protection surrounding. It stays in the bag but can go rounds without using it sometimes. 

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