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How do you grip the club? - Page 4

Poll Results: How do you grip the club?

  • 33% (78)
    Vardon / Overlapping
  • 8% (20)
    Baseball / Ten Finger
  • 57% (132)
230 Total Votes  
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I am glad this came back up as I have been using interlock as long as I have ever held a golf club.  I have bigger hands and after seeing how many people chimed in with the overlap, it made me think I should give it a shot.  It feels different but a lot better.  I imagine it will take some getting used to but I am willing to give it a try in the next few rounds as my ring finger on my right hand (as a right handed swing) is getting some pressure and is sore around the top joint.  The overlap seems to put less pressure there

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Being a baseball player for 16 years, I used the baseball grip for a year. After that, I was told to go to interlocking and I have never looked back. Feels very comfortable and natural because I have long fingers. I still have the baseball grip with my putter however.

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My contact didn't really improve until I switched to interlocking.. I think that at the top it was getting slightly loose.. I consulted my coach first and he told me to go ahead and make the change!
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I've been playing golf since I was 9 (19 now) and I was almost entirely self taught up until last year when I got a few lessons.  I used a 10 finger grip from the time I started playing up until 2 years ago just because it felt the most comfortable, and I was able to get good despite using it as well.  But I've since made a lot of changes to my game in an effort to improve my fundamentals including changing to an interlocking grip

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Originally Posted by Fourputt View Post
The only thing about the 10 finger grip that is like holding a baseball bat is the hand position relative to each other. The rotational position is nothing like baseball, and the small percentage of golf professionals who even recognize it will very quickly correct you when you call it a "baseball" grip.

In all 3 golf grips the club should lie across the fingers of both hands, not in the palm of either hand. There are numerous photos and videos on the web that show the proper way to grip a golf club for anyone who is uncertain.

Responding to the OP: I have always used the interlocking grip in a neutral position. I was shown it long before I ever ever actually played the game by my cousin (and before Jack Nicklaus was even out of college), and when I did start playing, it just felt right. Still does. One thing that the interlock does is it prevents you from getting too strong a right hand, as you are limited in the rotation of that hand by the interlocked fingers. The guys I know with exceptionally strong right hand grips all use the Vardon grip.


This is interesting because I've been thinking lately that maybe my right hand is in too strong of a position and is preventing me from hinging the club properly in my backswing.  I tried an interlocking grip very briefly last year and I hated it, it felt like I had almost no grip on the club and like it would break a couple of my fingers if I hit a fat shot.  I might revisit it on my next trip to the range out of curiosity though, currently I'm using the overlap since it's always comfortable.

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Currently I'm finding interlocking works well for me I used combo of overlap and ten fingered in the past. Now when I try overlap it feels very weird to me. When I go to ten fingered it feels like I'm going to either hook or draw the ball

I also use reverse overlap with my wedges for short distance as I feel the interlock is too strong. I would have a "strong" interlocking grip If I try to weaken it it feels better to just hold reverse overlap
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Tried the interlocking grip at the range today and I'm definitely switching to this grip.  I'm not sure what I'm doing differently than last year but I was really impressed with how it worked this afternoon.  The club felt like an extension of my arms and my swings were smooth and felt consistent.  I got way more height on my irons than before and it was much easier to keep a flat wrist at the top of the backswing.


It seemed like minor mis-alignments in my setup or swing resulted in landing spots that were much more offline than what I was used to but that's something I think I can fix with a bit of practice.

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I like interlocking. I normally like to have my hands feel like they are opposing each other slightly , but not to much that I cant hinge my wrists.

For woods I tend to fold/flex my elbows so the hands are even less opposing.

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When I first took up golf I used a baseball, 10 finger grip. I was a pretty decent baseball player. The base ball grip felt natural to me.  It served me quite well for few years. Then I learned of the Vardon grip, and after getting through the adjustment period (it really felt funny)  it also served me quite well for a number of years. Then I read about Jim Furyk's double overlap grip, and gave it a try. It also worked well as far as my gaining some extra distance, but I just never got use to how loose that grip felt in my hands. I did like it however, and sometimes I revisit it. After that, I tried the interlocking grip. That grip lasted a very short time due to discomfort. The only grip I did not try in earnest was Moe Norman's palm grip. I did try it, but my clubs were not designed to use that grip properly. So after using all these grips, I finally settled on the Vardon Grip, and have use it for the past 30 years. Pretty sure what finally sold me on the Vardon Grip was the consistency of my full shots, and how easy it was to make minor adjustments with it as needed. It's the only grip I use no matter what the shot at hand is. Driver to lob wedge, it's all I use.  It's also my putting grip.   

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This is embarrassing but I may be going back to the overlapping grip except with a weaker right hand grip.  My first couple range trips and the round I played with the interlocking grip were fine but now that I've done a couple more range trips the pointer finger on left hand and pinky finger on right are sore and the grip is no longer comfortable.  It's mostly the inside of my pointer finger that is tender and it doesn't seem to go away even within a couple days between range trips so I don't know what to think.

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For me, its 10 finger. My right pinky has been broke many times from football and baseball in high school and hurts to interlock. The overlapping grip makes me feel like I the club could fly out if my hand at any time.
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Interlock. I started using the claw grip for putting recently though, and I have never putt better. 

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I was actually thinking of going to an overlap grip instead of my interlock that I've used forever.  My right hand seems to take over the swing sometimes.  I feel less of my right hand on the club with the overlapping grip.  


It feels really weird though.  

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Going to try overlap for the first time tomorrow just to see how it feels. I play interlock. 

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Interlock is the only grip that feels secure to me although I've never tested the other's for many shots......
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I use the Hogan style grip, but if I'm holding a lefty club the interlocking grip feels more comfortable.

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Started out with the baseball grip way back when, then as I progressed went to the Vardon overlap for about 45 years, until I developed a pain full knot on a finger and was forced to switch to interlocking. Been using that until yesterday, when I read about Jordan Speith's reverse overlap. Went to the range and was very surprised, at how well it felt, but more importantly, how it gave me a controlled fade back. Until this, I could jack knife just about any shot left, at the most unfavorable time. Just have to wait and see how it does on the course, but it felt pretty good. 

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I started with the interlocking because thats what my Dad showed me.  Later I switched

to Vardon thinking that would allow me to work my hands as one  unit.  It worked at the time

and was able to improve my game.


The change of grip was aided by keeping a club by my TV chair and at the office.  Pick up the club

and take the grip, at a point I was able to take the grip without thought.  I have made the same change

with a putter grip change with the same results.  I some one asks me how I grip my putter I have to grip the club

to tell them because the grip (reverse overlap) is natural to me.

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