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Ram Laser Fx forged irons...

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I recently started playing golf last year and have been using my uncles old clubs. They are Ram Laser Fx forged irons and if I had to guess I would say they were made in the early 90's. But Im not really sure. They have a steel shaft and are kind of heavy compared to newer clubs. What Im asking is if anyone has any idea when these were made and if they are bad for someone new to the game. I would assume so because I have heard forged clubs are used by more advanced players. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Re: Ram Laser Fx forged irons...

I looked on ironfinder.com and they say the Laser FX forged was 90-93, after that it became the FX2. Ram used to make some really nice irons, and since yours are cavity back, not blades, they might work very nicely for you. I personally play FX2 GT Steel (non-forged) irons with factory graphite shafts and absolutely love them.

I have tried some FX with steel shafts and found them to be somewhat dead feeling, presumably the shaft was too stiff for my tastes. What flex are yours? Bottom line is that if they feel good to you, play 'em. Don't let anyone tell you they aren't good enough because they aren't Callaway, Taylormade, etc. It'll be extra sweet when you whomp 'em with your hand-me-down Rams.
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Re: Ram Laser Fx forged irons...

Yea they are kind of stiff and feel a little dead especially on the longer irons. Which I really dont use.
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Re: Ram Laser Fx forged irons...

I play a set of Ram Lasers. May be the same thing, very nice clubs and I hit them well, but time for a new set.
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I used to own a set of Laser fx clubs and loved them. I bought them in 1990 and would buy another set or a used set if I could find them.

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If you think about selling the Rams I would consider buying them. I am looking for a set of Ram laser fx irons in fact. Jim

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Dent if you would like to sell the rams I would be willing to talk. Jim Write me at honksa@comcst.net

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Those are good clubs!  One of my friends has had that set since 1991.  He bought a Nike whatever a few years ago and after playing with the Nike whatevers he went back to his Rams.  Just make sure that they fit you...


I personally think some of these clubs made in the 90's are better than the Chinese crap they are trying to sell us now!

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My Ram "hand me downs."  I learned the game with these irons and plan to hold on them for a while, I love them. I still break them out when my game needs some confidence reinforcement. I have owned numerous sets since, but still find myself pulling these out when I'm in a pinch. 


I am unsure of the model other than Laser. I accuired them from my Dad in 1995 and he had them for a while. 3-sw in my set. (not my pic below, but the exact model)



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I have a set of Ram Laser FX 2-PW rarely played, probably in 9 or higher condition.


If you are interested, please contact me. Thanks

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Just came across this thread as I'm about to resift and old set of 

fx's.  Are these still gathering dust in your basement. I might be interested in them if you still have them.



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Hello Jim,


I still have the Ram Lazer FX irons, 2-PW, total of nine clubs. Steel shaft regular flex.


These were purchased in 1991. Only used on the driving range for a few times so condition would be 9.


Please reply and give me an offer.



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