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My wife and my daughters...
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I'm young, so obviously I'm picking pros that are alive.


1) Tiger Woods

2) Rory

3) Jason Dufner (only because his wife might come along :))

4) Me: getting outdriven by 150 yards every time, maybe Rory will hit one of my drives lol. 

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The Black Knight, the Big Easy and the most interesting man in golfa!
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Moe Norman- I think it would've been incredible to play a round with him.


Bill Murray 


The third person in my group and the person I'm ridding in the cart with is ....... Willie Nelson. ;)

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Beyoncé, dufners lady, Kate upton, and me!
All in their bikini pose attire too!
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You make a great argument @Hardballs lol


However, i think i'd have to go with a 2v2 matchplay scenario


team 1: Myself, Tiger

team 2: Father, Brother


of course all wagers would be made before my partner showed up, and i'd be smiling all day.

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1. Rory McIlroy
2. Martin Kaymer
3. Adam Scott

Don't know who'd be fourth honestly
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Ben Hogan

Byron Nelson

Sam Snead

I would just love to listen to the conversations they would have during a casual round.

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1.  Arnold Palmer (just to pick his brain about business and money)


2.  Lee Traveno (just for the laughs)


3.  Harvey Penick (imagine a 4 hour lesion with the best of all time)


4.  Me

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Best Friend


Steve Spurrier

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1.  Will Smith

2.  Charles Barkley

3.  Mark Wahlberg


I think the combination of humor and golf skill is a great match...  I'd have more fun and be most relaxed....  Awesome fun! 


Others I'd consider:  ---------  but they would be too serious for me!

Micheal Jordan (just to say I did- but I don't think it would be fun),

John Smoltz (who is actually really good and tried to qualify for the open a while back),

John Elway (also very good).

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Arnold swarzenegger
Tiger woods
Charles V
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Modern Day Dream Foursome






Time Machine Dream Foursome



Byron Nelson

Harry Vardon

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Harmon, Haney and Foley after they all drink a truth serum. Tell all book in 2 weeks!

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Too much Morning Drive, but my brother, Charlie Rhymer and anyone Charlie wants to bring! 

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My dad, brother, sister and I.

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Rydercup 2016
García and i
Dufner and spieth
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