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Re: Dream Round, perfect foursome

Fred Couples
Gary McCord
Samuel Jackson
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Re: Another vote for "giggle" golf

Originally Posted by iacas
When the round is over, take him out for some fried chicken, watermelon, and collard greens.

I liked Fuzzy up until that moment. I do honestly believe he was trying to make a joke, but I also think he should have known better than to make that joke at that moment.
I still like him and don't believe for a minute that there is a racist bone in his body. I note that Earl Woods was quick to forgive him.

I think Fuzzy himself would agree wholeheartedly with you that he should have known better, and actually does. Just one of those incredibly thoughtless things that comes out of the mouth that you would give anything to put back in.

Unfortunately, life doesn't work that way and he's paid a pretty high--but not really unfair--price.
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Re: Another vote for "giggle" golf

" ...he's paid a pretty high--but not really unfair--price."

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Re: Dream Round, perfect foursome

Phill,Anna,Freddie,and Pebble beach.I think I'll go to bed now and start this dream now.
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OK, I'm sure this one has already made the rounds but what the heck.

Please name any other three Pro's, Amateurs, Celebs (dead or alive), you'd like to include in a 4-some, why, and on what course.

For me:
1. Gary Player (just seems like it would be a lot of fun)
2. Lee Trevino (again...good fun, never a dull moment)
3. Fred Couples (Just a cool, easy going guy)

Course: Augusta National

And you?
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Olson twins and ...err, oh, not what you meant.

1) Phil Mickelson
2) Ernie Els
3) John Daly

Those are just some of my favorite players. Augusta would definitely work.
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1. Tiger
2. Daly
3. Jordan

I would love to see the money wagered by Jordan and Daly.

Course: Pine Valley
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1. Ben Crenshaw
2. Tom Lehman
3. Lee Trevino

These two would be fun:
Jesper Parnevik
Fredrik Jacobsen

I'd like to be paired with him:
Carlos Franco
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Originally Posted by JRC
Please name any other three Pro's, Amateurs, Celebs (dead or alive), you'd like to include in a 4-some, why, and on what course.
Current Male Pros:
1. Tiger Woods (I'd be in awe on every shot probably - plus I think he'd be a really nice guy to play with)
2. Fred Funk (just a great guy)
3. Padraig Harrington (love the accent, seems like a nice guy)
Course: Golden Horseshoe (believe it or not, I've always wanted to see how pros would play my home course)

Current Female Pros:
1. Paula Creamer (hot and sweet)
2. Natalie Gulbis (hot)
3. Cristie Kerr (hot and I love her sarcastic sense of humor)
Course: Augusta National (beautiful course with beautiful ladies)

Living Athletic / Hollywood Celebs:
1. Ray Romano (I'd laugh my butt off all day)
2. Michael Jordan (who cares if he cheats on the course? he's amazing)
3. Mark McGwire (favorite baseball player of all time)
Course: Cypress Point

Living Non-Athletic / Non-Hollywood Celebs:
1. Hootie Johnson (I'd love to hear some of his Augusta stories for 4 1/2 hours - if you've ever read any Augusta books, you know they've got tons of stories)
2. Bill Gates (how did he have the vision to create Microsoft?)
3. Warren Buffet (get some advice on how to be a better Financial Advisor)
Course: Either Pine Valley, Oakmont, Shinnecock, or Winged Foot West.
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1. David Feherty (funniest golfer ever)
2. Jiohnny Miller (JUST KIDDING)
2. Tiger Woods (best golfer ever)
3. Jack Nicklaus (best golfer ever)

on either my home course...just to see how good they really are, or Augusta
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1. Michael Jordan (Seems to be the coolest dude on the planet)
2. Tiger Woods (Another great guy who would likely have a blast with you)
3. Fred Couples (Everytime I've seen him in person he's so relaxed and easy going, that to me is cool)
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Bill Murray, John Daly and my dad
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PGA Tour Players still playing today...

1.Boom Boom (Fred Couples)
2.Davis (Love III)
3.Phill *choke* Mickelson (still one of my favs)

PGA Legends...

1.Ben Hogan
2.Arnold Palmer (before he and Jack knew EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING)
3.Seve Ballesteros

Fat and Fun...

1.Dohn Daily
2.Jason Gore
3.Craig Stadler
(w/ a keg o' beer and some strippers)

Non professionals / Celebs...

1.Bill Murray (friggin' hillarious)
2.David Feherty (was he really ever considered a Pro / also VERY funny)
3.Chevy Chase (when he was funny, oh those were the days)

The courses, in no particular order, would be...

Augusta National
Bethpage Black
Winged Foot (although I might rethink that after this years Open)
Pebble Beach
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Absolutely Freddie Couples. I could watch him swing a golf club all day.
Annika Sorenstam. I would like to get to know more about her. She seems so nice.
Arnold Palmer. He's just got to be the most cordial man in golf.
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1. Bubba Watson
2. Lucas Glover
3. Davis Love III

Course: TPC Sawgrass or Pebble Beach
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Me, Angelina Jolie, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, and Jessica Alba.

Oh - Golf foursome . . .

1. Me
2. John Daly
3. Trump
4. Howard Stern

I think it'd be an entertaining round to say the least.
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The most talked about question at my club lately:

If you could play a round of golf on any course, with any 3 people (past or present), what course would you play and with whom?

My answer:

Augusta National, with Lee Trevino, Payne Stewart and Bobby Jones.

I've always wanted to play Augusta, and I've always enjoyed myself when playing with people that enjoy life and other people's company.

Bobby Jones had the sweetest swing in history, and was such a class act, I could watch him swing a club all day.

Lee Trevino has endless jokes and stories, and would be fun just to be around and learn from. His attitude towards life is contagious.

I had the privilege of having a few drinks with Payne Stewart at the TPC @ Sawgrass some time ago. He was such a pleasure to be around. In that brief time we spent together, he was not Payne the millionare or Payne the future hall of famer, he was just Payne. That was the highlight of my golfing life.
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no brainer for me..... but nearly as glamorours as yours jorruss. It would be me, my two sons (11 and 12 years old) and my dad playing at any course. I would love for my dad to how how my sons are turning into fine young men.
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