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What'd You Shoot Today?

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This thread typically gets started one way or another, so I may as well start it here. When you play a round of golf, pop open this thread and add a comment. Tell us your score, tell us how you played, and so on.

I'll kick it off...

Today I shot what would have been about a 78 or a 79 at my home course. Tough to say since I didn't putt (I gave myself two putts on all but three holes where I'd stuffed it within 5 feet - any missed I'd have made there I figure would have been balanced out by the five putts I had from 5-10 feet). Temporary greens, you see.

A week ago we had a foot or two of snow. Today it was 40-45 degrees and the ground was soggy, but very little snow existed. I was one of about ten golfers out there. The lack of much wind was nice - 45 degree weather plays about a club shorter.

I'll write more later. Gonna post a picture or two from my camera phone.


Note: this thread should contain only posts about your score. No replies, please!

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Two 3Ws

I hit two 3W off the tenth tee today to see how I was doing. I hit a high draw and a low cut. The hole is a 90 degree dogleg (with a gentle bend, not a harsh one) left. Distance is supposed to be about 440, but you can hit driver, 9I pretty easily if you cut the corner.

Today, again with the dead calm and the soggy fairways, I hit the two balls with the two different shot shapes. This is how they ended up.

Guess there's something to be said for consistency.
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It wasn't today, but on December 28th I played the third round of golf in my life. I did well and seem to have corrected a lot of my slice issues by strengthening my grip. (Erik explained the verbage to me so I hope I'm using the right terminology. Basically, I turned my hands to the right and it made me hit the ball straighter. )

I went into more detail over in my blog, so if you're interested in my progress in this game we love, feel free to check it out.
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Played Cherry Creek Monday and it was a perfect day to play.54 degrees and no wind.Shot 41-40 and scrambled my ass off!!!
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Shot a 77 with a double bogey on the #16,rats!
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Traditional "Last Round Of The Year" 12/31 at Blue Heron Pines NJ was a disaster. I was trying out new driver and found out it's broken ( back on eBay ), greens were really shitty - completly covered with sand, putting was horrible (enough excuses???) - 86. "First Round of The Year" 01/01 was much better - at The Architects, NJ - shot 78 with an 8 (!!!) on 9th hole (fairway-bunker-bunker-over the green water hazard-chip-putt-putt....).
Some rust visible, but I think I'm ready for 2005 !
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Had a pretty good day today, shot a 76 at Greatwood golf club. Hit the par-5 6th hole in two

Tried to mostly hit draws off the tee today, and even though I had good distance, I really missed the control fades give me. Only hit 6 of 14 fairways
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That course looks awsome TaylorMadeFan!

The heat down hear is quite high at the momment at approx 37deg prob 107 or so in Faren.

Hit some great shot and had 77. that was last week.

Tomorrow ive been invited or i think kissed on the ****. Our best course Royal Melbourne which hosted the Presidents Cup a few years ago cant wait.

Let you know how I go!!!
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ohh and for those of you who are interested!

This is my Course:

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Arghhh! It's 64 degrees outside right now. Alas, that simply means that about three feet of snow has melted, yielding a soggy, river-overflowing mess, but I'm soooo tempted to try to get out today.

So, had I played today, I'd have shot 77. I can feel it.
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3 under 67 for me!
Great weather to play in today.....
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Played early this morning in the fog and it was great.45 degrees no wind could not see a damn thing but did not lose a single ball.Only problem was no birdies or legit try's cause of fog could not see pin so made you shoot for middle of green which is great for zeroing in on distance controll.Shot 81 at Spring Lake on Long Island in 2nd week of January,What a score!!!
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shot a very happy 77 today off the stick in very trying winds at Barwon Heads!
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Torrey Pines South

Hey now, I played Torrey in Tiger Woods PGA Tour yesterday, and I don't know what kind of trouble the pros had. I shot 44!

But seriously, has nobody golfed in the past week? Yow!
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An ugly 6 over 76. Bleh! Hit maybe 9 quality shots. Made a couple clutch 5 footers for par, but other than those putts, I couldn't roll the ball for poop. This is going to affect my +1.1, damnit! Oh well, more practice for me.
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Played today at Houston National, a links style course with huge yardage, 7600 from the back tees! It was a lot of fun, and really made me focus with my driver on tee shots, fairways are fairly tight, but if you're right or left you're in big trouble. Lots of natural mounding bordering the fiarways and greens. The wind was fairly stiff, but my trusted Bridgestone B330 sliced right through it like a hot knife through butter. I hit all but three of my fairways and shot a 78 despite the crazy yardage.
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Played a lovely round of golf this morning at Brechtel Memorial Park Municipal Golf Course (now that's a mouthful) here in New Orleans. Course conditions were muddy and nasty due to some heavy rainfall on Friday and Saturday, though. Management was alright, but unfriendly, and the course fits the saying "you get what you pay for" perfectly. However, it did provide a challenge for me (the beginner) as advertised.

I hit a few good shots on my way to a final score of 98, but hooked and sliced a lot of drives, reverting back to old form. My pitching and iron play has improved and one pitch in particular provided a special moment for me.

I was sitting on three strokes on the par 4 9th hole, needing to use the restroom and trying not to rush myself. I swung a few times for feel and then pitched my ball about 45 yards, landing it about 10 feet in front of the hole. The ball was dead in line with the cup and rolled softly forward, striking the pin and disappearing from my view. My jaw dropped as I waited for a Charles Howell-like experience, but the ball stayed down. It may have only been a par (of which I only made three all round), but to me it was probably the most exciting hole I've ever played.

My buddy and I are hoping to make a regular Sunday morning event while I'm still in town. Hoping to play again next week and see if I can drop that score down below a 90.
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Sub-90 would be quite an improvement, and I wish you the best. Holing a 45-yard pitch for par is a special moment, regardless of skill level. Cherish it!
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