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95.  50/45. I was playing so much better on the back side, I had 3 pars and a birdie but completely shot myself in the foot with a triple on 18!

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Belmont Country Club
Blue Tees 71.0 / 127

March 30, 2013


  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 OUT 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 IN TOTAL
BLUE 368 124 452 406 509 379 344 213 478 3273 420 170 539 175 372 319 402 316 525 3238 6511
HANDICAP 9 17 1 3 11 5 15 7 13   2 12 6 16 10 14 4 18 8    
PAR 4 3 4 4 5 4 4 3 5 36 4 3 5 3 4 4 4 4 5 36 72
SCORE 6 3 8 7 7 5 6 4 7 53 3 3 6 3 7 4 7 6 6 45 98
ROUND SCORE +2 +2 +6 +9 +11 +12 +14 +15 +17 +17 +16 +16 +17 +17 +20 +20 +23 +25 +26 +26 +26
NET SCORE 6 3 8 7 7 5 6 4 7 53 3 3 6 3 7 4 7 6 6 45 98
TEE CLUB 1W Pw 1W 1W 1W 1W 3W 3Hy 3W   1W 7i 1W 5i 1W 3Hy 1W 5i 1W    
FAIRWAYS ⇐   ⇐ ⇐ ⇒ x x   x 43% x   ⇐   ⇒ ⇐ ⇐ ⇐ ⇐ 14% 29%
GIR x 11% x x x 33% 22%
PUTTS 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 18 1 1 2 2 1 2 2 2 1 14 1.8/32
SAND SHOTS       3           3                     3
PENALTIES     1           1 2                     2

 Played the blue tees at my home course again, because my brother plays them.  Had a worse front 9 than I had yesterday.  The doubles, triples, and quads are really starting to piss me off.  Feel like I am striking the ball better, but continue to have disastrous holes.  I need to work on my mental game.  With the exception of a few bad shots, I played 6 through 15 well.  Just need to get rid of the terrible ones and 80's here I come.

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53 - 4 FIRS, 0 GIRS, 19 putts (1x1 putt, 6x2 putts, 2x3 putts)

50 - 4 FIRS, 0 GIRS, 20 putts (1x1 putt, 6x2 putts, 1x3 putt, 1x4 putt)


The story of the day was an inability to get on the greens in regulation although that wasnt really helped by not giving myself a chance to start with as a few of the FIRS werent really of any use because I was so far back and out of the way!


The big take away from today was my putting as for 14 of the holes I really dug myself out of trouble with big putts...the best putt being on a hole that had about 3 foot of break which I sunk in 1 putt!


Today was also the first time I had taken less than 40 putts in a round :) Just need to cut out the three and four putts as each of those was down to sloppiness on my behalf where I was just playing ping pong going with a golf ball!


However, the first 5 holes on the way back in I was 4 over (unchartered territory for me:) but the next 4 holes I ended up 11 over with 3 triple bogeys and a double bogey AND, even worse, up until the second shot on the 15th hole I hadnt lost a golf ball...until I thinned a wedge shot half way across the county in to a 2 foot wide stream thats about 20 feet deep and infested with crocs and hippos!!





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86 here. Easy course, not too long, flat immaculate greens, but no swing today. Started double, triple (on a 120 yd par 3 mind you), bogey, double ... Then I was +6 for the rest of the day with 4 bogies, 1 double and rest pars. Argh. **** this game.
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My home course is a par 66 I shot my lowest score it was a 70 4 over 9 pars 2 birdies and had 9 chances at birdie some were inside 10 foot but our greens have just been cleaned up cored so I'm ready for the tournament today as I'm down to a 10 handicap big change from 16 last week.My shot of the day was in tournament 3 shot into par 4 30 meters out chipped 60 degree didn't have much fringe to work with I was a bit short sited but stuck it just right hit the fringe and slowed it down to go straight in the hole
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Shot 82 today but it was an easy course...

69% Fairways and 56% GIR...need to improve that!


Overall very nice round, for me, but 38 putts!!!  c1_cursing.gif

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I got out again today and I swear, when you work on one thing there is always something else that suffers and that is why I am an amateur. Today was a very good ball striking day, my irons powerful and wedges were crisp, however the putter.....yeah let's just get to the score card because I burned enough edges and lipped enough putts that I swear that the cups weren't regulation size. Started of the front with 6 bogeys, 1 double and 2 pars for a 44 on the front. The back was slightly better, I had 4 pars, 3 bogeys and one water hazard double for a 43 on the back totaling 87. 

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Shot an 87 at Caradoc Sands just outside of London Ontario first round of the year!
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shot a 110 at Farmville Country Club today... the quest for 99 continues....

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This is my 1st post on this site after lurking off and on for awhile. I live in Southern Ontario, so like everyone else in the NE I'm getting impatient with winter. I did get a chance to play last week in Jamaica at Negril Hills Golf Club. the "HILLS" part should be emphasized. I have never been on such an incredibly hilly course, and I've been playing for about 45 years. It was an interesting round . They make you take a caddy. I was a single, so on the first tee the caddy asks me  if I mind if he grabs his clubs and plays along with?  Sure why not?  Never heard of this, by I have rarely ever played using caddies. So anyway he grabs his stuff and away we go. Besides being in the low 90's and extremely humid there was a significant wind blowing throw the hills. I was so sweaty I could barely hang on to the rental clubs. To make a long boring story short, I shot 83 and beat the caddy by 2, we hit it off great and had a wonderful day.  Some stunning scenery around the course. It's not the greatest conditioned course by any stretch but it was nice to get out and have a decent round after not playing since last October. It's Easter Sunday,  the suns' shining, and it's getting up in the 40's. We have a few driving ranges open and, there are probably a couple of course open somewhere in the area.

Cheers and Happy Easter



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Great round for myself. Drove very well. Chipped good enough. The greens were much slower than anything I have played on in a long time. And I left many good putts short. This could have been better, but I could not adjust tot he slow greens. And only 2 lost balls, so that is a lot better than normal. Looking forward to building off this round.



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Grrrr. A vanilla 82 yesterday, coulda been good except for the usual handful of misses; then a 94 today. Although it was windy and damp today that's no excuse for some of the skanks I hit. I love/hate this game. What do I do now? Head back out again tomorrow...
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First round of the year,,,,,,Finally!!!


Kind of tough conditions here in Upstate NY, 48 degrees with 20mph winds today when we teed off.

With the cold weather I usually start out the season playing up with my son on the regular men's tees until it starts getting near 60 degrees I move back to the tips. Played pretty solid shooting the course rating from the regular tees with a 35/34 -3, 69. The tough weather conditions were offset a little by the slower than normal greens since they just opened up yesterday but I hit a lot of solid shots with 27 putts.


During the winter I get a membership card at a local golf dome and hit balls a couple times a week as well as chip and putt in my basement. That has made a huge difference in coming out of the gate playing well. Basically no rust on the game, maybe just a light coat of dust a1_smile.gif.

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I played yesterday and shot a 98.


So that's a 103, 98 (first time I broke 100), 90, 98, 98. so far this year. 


4 Penalty strokes and my driver didn't work a3_biggrin.gif so it could've been a lot better.



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 Played the front at a private course yesterday, a funky 45 with a quad, triple and a double. Pretty tough 71.8/136 with lots of trees anywhere but the fairway is trouble and I found it often. Crazy thing is it was probably the best golf I've played in a long time. Saved lots of pars getting up and down and holed one from a bunker. Can't remember the last time I saw an 8 on my card.

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What a difference a couple of days makes.....


Thursday - Played at my "home" course, shot an 87 including my first ever Eagle


Saturday - Played a different course, played there once before about a month ago - Shot a 107 

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87 today at Rustic Canyon golf course, my putting was far improved, but today I kept missing the greens from about 170+ out which hurt me considerably.

A lot of bogeys and a few pars, and one birdie. Only one double.

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Shot a 93 on my home track (66.2/119).  5/11 FIR, 33 putts.  I'm making par 3's a lot harder than they need to be.  On the positive side, 0 penalty strokes / 0 lost balls - so my "misses" are penalizing me a lot less than they used to.

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