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I broke 80 for the first time on Saturday. HC is now 9.5.
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Well not today but yesterday. Shot 71. 1 over par at chalambar course(5526Meters par 70) at Ararat Victoria. If I had to characterize the round it would be a combination of solid putting, solid chipping(well it was all pretty solid) and some of the most tin arsed golf you've ever seen. a3_biggrin.gif


Example 1: a chip in from 30 meters to save par on 12.....Haha


example 2: a drive with the long driver that smashed though one line of fairway trees on to the next fairway. A chip over the trees and a long 5 iron to within 6 feet for a birdie......I'm buying a lottery ticket after that crap!!


example 3: a COMPLETE misread of a green followed by the WORST execution of a putt ever combining to sink a 20 footer......NICE!


Most annoying though was I'd never parred a course using the LPG swing and I managed to dupe myself into thinking that the save I'd made on number thirteen(example 2) was a par when on their card and website it says it's a par 5. 

Anyway it really ****ed me up and I proceeded to bogie the last 3 to finish over. 



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I was on the course for the fist time this year last weekend, we have some weird weather going on here in the Netherlands.

Normal it would be around 15-16 degrees ( celsius ) right now we still have snow and frost. I remember last years easter lunch was outside right now it's -1. But anyway with competition on the line ( starting sunday ) i forced myself into the cold on the course.

I did some indoor golf and some range sessions, but that was it. So i didn't expect much of it.

result 3 pars and 15 bogeys. most bogeys came from bad chipping and putting. (but what can you expect from halve frozen greens) so actually it was fairly good. Hit some solid shots off the tee and irons. 

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Only played 9 

abt 90 degrees out

had 2 blow up holes but happy with consistently breaking 100 for the last 4 rounds , putting needs to improve and need to get back my confidence with the pw


Qutab Golf Course
Regular Tees 66.3 / 117
New Delhi India
April 2, 2013


  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 OUT 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 IN TOTAL
REGULAR 408 220 350 290 386 198 380 546 327 3105 119 321 479 132 170 276 525 370 287 2679 5784
HANDICAP 3 11 7 17 5 13 9 1 15   18 6 8 16 14 10 2 4 12    
PAR 4 3 4 4 4 3 4 5 4 35 3 4 5 3 3 4 5 4 4 35 70
SCORE                     3 6 5 4 6 6 6 5 7 48 48
ROUND SCORE                     E +2 +2 +3 +6 +8 +9 +10 +13 +13 +13
NET SCORE                     3 6 5 4 6 6 6 5 7 48 48
TEE CLUB                     Sw 5i 5i 7i 6i 5i 5i 5i 5i    
FAIRWAYS                       v ⇐     ⇐ x ⇒ v 17% 17%
GIR                     x x 22% 22%
PUTTS                     2 2 2 2 3 2 2 2 3 20 2.2/20
SAND SHOTS                             1 3       4 4



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Today is a significant day for me . .I finally broke 100!  I had an amazing front nine and made the turn at +6.  Then I had a fairly typical back nine and carded a 97.  On that front 9, I was doing everything well (for me) . .driving, chipping, putting.  I made a couple really good up and downs and dropped a 20 footer to save par. 


Then, on the back nine, I was more like my normal self.  1 bad blow-up hole, a couple of doubles and a triple. 

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51 - 2 pars, 3 FIRS, 1 GIR, 20 putts (2x1 putt, 3x2 putt, 4x3 putt) and 1 lost ball!

44 - 2 pars, 1 FIR, 1 GIR, 19 putts (1x1, 6x2, 2x3 putts) and 1 lost ball!

95 (par 71)


- This is more lowest ever score and the second time Ive broken 100 in the last three rounds!!!

- Three one putts is the most one putts Ive ever had in a round.

- I started off with a his and a roar as hit the fairway in regulation three out of the first five holes (and one of those was a par 3:)!

- Broke 40 putts in a round for the second time running! Not long now until I hit the magical 36! :) 

- Two lost balls is pretty good for me considering that at the start of March I was losing in the region of a half dozen plus per round!

- When we got to the first par 3 hole divers were out dredging the lake that surrounds the hole. Made me happy I got out last night after 5pm for a quick few practice holes and fished a few Pro V1's and AD333's out of the lake for myself (and left the Top Flights and Dunlops on the side of the green for someone else to claim:)





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had a nifty 78 today w/ one birdie on my home course at Apollo Beach.....puts you in a good mood when you shoot in the 70s......at least it does for me
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Shot a 103 yesterday at Bunker Hill in New Jersey. It was brutally cold and windy. This was my worst round in a while and the first time I've gone over 100 in a few years.

Need to hit the driving range some more.

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New to this site.


Was out yesterday for the first time with a new set of clubs that isn't always easy and on a course that I do not like. Great combination.a4_sad.gif 


Started out not too bad then started to get into the swing of things quiet literally and had four birdie puts in 6 holes. Was frustrated to say the least when they pared them all. From then on went down hill as the coldness set in with a bitter breeze coming down the Mountains that still have snow on them in Ireland. All in all not a bad start with the new set.

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Shot a +3 (75) today.


13 GIR with 34 putts, and no birdies. 


That's 7 more putts than my last round and the story of my round. I had 9 birdie putts in the 10-15 foot range and failed to get any of them in the hole.

Not my normal putting day so I'll put it off as this damn cold weather, lol! Please weather man, just give us a day in the mid 50's at least!!!

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48 - 1 par, 5 bogeys, 3 double bogeys, 1 lost ball, 8x2 putts, 1x4 putt ping pong game, 1 FIR!

47 - 1 par, 4 bogeys, 4 double bogeys, 2 lost balls, 7x2 putts, 2x3 putts, 3 FIR and 3 GIR.

95 (24 over)


- This is the first time Ive ever had played a game with the front and back 9 under 50 each! :)

- I had realistic shots at 3 birdies for the three GIRS I managed on the back nine only to screw things up with putting that resembled ping pong!

- First time Ive had only three 3 putts or more in a round. Still pushing to break 36!

- This is the third round in the last four that Ive broken 100 :)

- First competition on Saturday, which Ill be happy to keep in the low hundreds!





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Played 15 holes yesterday, after work before darkness came. Had a pretty decent score tho.

hole            par              my score

1                4                 4  ( the way to go fairway hit and green hit )

2                5                 6  ( i hit a massive hook off the tee ob )

3                3                 3 7 iron just over the green with a back pin  position 2 putts

4                4                 5 ( 3 putted )

5                5                 5 

6                3                 4 ( most difficult par 3 on the course had i horrible lie in the bunker )

7                4                 5 ( another hook off the tee into water hazard )

8                4                 4

9                3                 3 ( hit a  flush 4 iron on the green 170 m into some serious wind )

10              5                 3 ( yeah first eagle off the year ) after hitting my drive in the rough right between some trees 205 M from the green had a good lie and could make a full swing i had to hit a little  fade to get past some trees. i just hit the most flush hybrid, ball ended just past the green leaving a 15 M chip uphill with a big left to right break. My chip with PW just went in the middle.

11              3                 2 165 M missed the green left pin high and holed another chip this time with my gap wedge

12              4                 5 i chip 2 putted for bogey

13              4                 4 nothing much going on here hit fairway and green 2 putts

14              4                 5 mishit on my approach i was way short could not manage to hole my put after my pitch

15              4                 5 shortest hole (280 M ) hit 5 iron 9 iron ( into wind ) 3 putts


We just got out off winter time here in holland so the course is not in optimal condition, so i was happy the way i played

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Shot 101 last week at home track. With my high cap i won scrounges. Breaking 100 is starting to become almost achievable most times I play. My season starts tomorrow, first full year, fresh start and hopefully, lower scores and handicap to boot.

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First official posted round of the season.


4 over par standing on the 14th tee. Shot 84.


I don't want to talk about it.

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42 (+6), 4 Bogey's, 1 Double Bogey, 4 Pars


A great 9 holes with the driver, 6 out of 7 fairways. But i couldn't hit an iron to save my life. Only 1 green in Regulation, it was horrible. I think i was taking to big of a backswing, and i am dipping a bit at the ball, to steep angle of attack with the irons. Putting was very good, only took 13 putts. Short game was so-so, had some really good shots, and some realy bad ones. I just need to stop thinking and trust that part of my game. Its my weakest, but i know i can hit good shots. 

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Fairly easy (most of the time) unrated par 70 course.


First nine 37 two over par.

Second nine 38 three over par.

Third nine 38 three over par.

Fourth nine 36 one over par.


Not too great on that course but I was fairly happy with the way I hit the ball considering the cold, wet, wind, and dormant Bermuda.


Tomorrow is supposed to be a nicer day.

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79. Second time ever under 80 (and second time this week). No doubles, despite some pretty piss poor driving.
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I've been playing for almost 9 months and I just shot a 90 today. I was so happy. It was my lowest score yet. I actually just barely missed a putt on 18 that would've given me an 89. There's always next. Time
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