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shot 72 yesterday on a par 69 course.  was -1 thru 11.  not bad for only playing twice in the last 6 months.  my swing felt terrible, but i was hitting my irons pretty solid.  driver and woods not so much...

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Yesterday a front 9 +6 with 4 pars but found water twice so it ran the score up. Just bad luck after hitting great shots from tricky lies. Last two times out I've hit the ball really good but it's resulted in missing greens long. Pretty sure it's just a combo of off season practice gains and the warmer temps.

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Disclaimer: I know that schizophrenia is a horrible disorder and I am by no means demeaning nor making light of this disease, but only using the term as an adjective that best describes my round of golf.


Talk about a schizophrenic round. We have all had and heard of rounds where the wheels totally come off, but at the start of yesterday's round my wheels were nowhere to be found, but then suddenly popped ONTO my vehicle. Right at the turn. 48 front, 36 back. What a game this is...g1_wacko.gif

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39 on a par 34 9 hole course. One damn double cost me an exceptional score for me. I putted great though. Sank several 6-10 footers.

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46 for nine. It was sunny out, but not super warm and it was super windy. Was making great contact, but was a little squirrelly off the tee.
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Shot 76 on Saturday with 7 birdies... would have been great if not for 3 doubles bogeys.  Personal best on the home course.


Shot 79 today, 41 out and 37 in.  I seem to start very slow on the first nine and have a great second nine.  Not sure what that's about...

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shot 108 today @ Rhodes Ranch in Las Vegas :( 108 isn't too bad for me. It was my second time playing with the Adams A30S clubs. I'm liking them the more I play with them. Shaved about 7 strokes off my avg so far. currently using the HT superfast driver (12 degree, I think).way too much loft for me. Just purchased the Bridgestone J40 9.5 this evening for $80 in great condition, which means tomorrow will be a driving range session ! 

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First 2 rounds using new irons on Monday and Tuesday. 


Shot a 96. 


8/14 fairways

3/18 GIR

33 putts


What I learned.... I have gained a club in distance with new irons.  Other than a 175 par 3 I hit fat and came up 5 yards short, I was long on almost every approach except the par 5's where I was 3/4 GIR (because I was within 100 yards and in). 


Then the next day, I played 2 balls and didnt keep score.  Didn't even pull my driver out.  I hit 4iron off the tee.  Just wanted to get distances on my irons. 

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Played AC Reid on the Pensacola Navy base. Shot a 91 on the first time I'd played there.


A triple and 3 doubles really hurt. I was playing well, hit a few excellent shots. My best was a 178 yard par 3, hit a 6 iron pin high. Putted poorly on the day, should have easily been an 88 or so. 

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81(38-41) on short, 6,000 yd course. Aerated greens here in FLA. Actually putted pretty well despite the greens.

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Oops..make that a 38-43 (83)....Guess I'm DQ'd ala what Tiger Woods should have been on Saturday.


Didn't think anyone actually read what was posted in this thread, because like fish stories, nobody but yourself really cares.....right?




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Pretty happy with this round today.  Played a lot of irons off the tee to keep it in play (Course basically has hazards all along both sides of every hole) but the fairways are really tight so you can get some decent roll.  17 was my favorite ... 4 iron, 6 iron to the back fringe, 20 foot putt straight into the heart.  A couple stupid 3 putt bogeys, and hacked my way from a fairway bunker to another fairway bunker to a collection area on 15, which led to the double.  Otherwise, I'm really pleased with the way I hit it today.





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Yesterday I made a 90 for 33 Stableford points on a par 71 course. Bit pissed because I was driving very well and the course was in bad shape. On hole 1 made a tripple because my drive was best ever on that course and that hole. But a bad bounce made it go out of boundse1_poo.gif


Only 1 GIR, so my approaches were as bad as possible. Need to work on my approaches. Even the short par 4 (275y) and only 90 yards for my second shot was not on the green.

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82 (40-42) on 6300 yd windy course bordering Tampa Bay (Apollo Beach). http://www.apollobeachgolf.com/course/


1 triple (h20), 2 doubles (h20 x2), 2 birdies. Not the best putting on some bumpy greens. Not a bad round for a 9 HCPer.

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Shot an 87 in my first round of the year earlier this week (and it's snowing on and off once again here in Western WI). Not up to my standards from last year score-wise. However, I felt my overall game (fairways, GIR, recovery shots) is at a better starting point, so the score doesn't bother me. Just really hard to putt when the greens are so deceptively slow.

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probably rusty after the winter -----I'd be happy w/ that score if I'd had a long layoff.

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+3 through nine. One birdie due to a great flop shot to ten feet and a perfect putt.
I two putted 7 holes, and had one three and one putt.
Overall a great round considering it was so windy.
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Shot an "unofficial" 101 today (practice round, not carded for handicap).  Went out solo after work, didn't get a chance to warm up beforehand, so I was +11 after the first three holes.  Since I was the last one out on the course, I started playing 2-3 balls per hole, trying different course management approaches (aggressive vs. conservative), etc. and ended up having a very enjoyable and educational afternoon.  I was catching up to the foursome ahead of me (guys playing from the tips who obviously had no business doing so), so I created some space by spending about 30 minutes around the 7th green practicing my short game from various lies, distances and angles - the most beautiful thing about having nobody else behind you!  Despite the full swing inconsistencies that are still driving me crazy, it was a great opportunity to learn a lot of things about my game and work on scoring strategy.  Nice way to spend a sunny, 85-degree Arizona afternoon.

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