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First round out on my own after really practicing my swing for a month. 55 on a nine hole par 35 course. Played off the short tees which made the course 2382 yards. I found that I need to work on my putting and pitch/chip shots.

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40-41(81) on a short, 6,000+ yd course here in FLA. Lost my swing midround.

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I shot a 86 in 46 degrees of cloudy and wind. Owachee

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73 today. I having an awesome run at the moment, my last five scores have been 74,73,72,73,73 so my handicap is dropping.

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Thistle Golf Club - Calabash, NC
Course is great, but very tight with a ton of water, sand and tall native grass. First time this year I was hitting my driver exactly where I aimed it.
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I had 40 points today in our Thursday scrounges comp. wiped 4 holes so I was a bit miffed about that, but overall hit the ball really well. I think I might lose another stroke on my cap with a bit of luck:-D
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Went out today as a single - didn't keep score, but played about 3 balls and really focused on 100 yds and in, dropping balls from different distances in different lies just to work on different things. Hit the driver really poorly over the 9 holes. Lots of duck hooks, and when not a hook, it was a block to the right. After the round did some up and downs on the practice green and went 3 for 4 getting up and down. Hopefully I can keep it around 95 when I go out this saturday

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I haven't been able to get my typical range sessions in so far this season and my score is showing it!


If I remember correctly, I hit 10 of 14 fairways, had 33 putts (+/-1), and hit only 8 of 18 greens in regulation. NOT my best work..

I ended up shooting 88 but I did take a few positives away from my round.


I have been struggling in my iron game as of late. My iron play has always been my strong point. However, I was overseas last summer and wasn't able to strike a golf ball until mid September.

In addition, I upgraded from my Titleist 755 forged irons to Taylormade Burner 2.0 irons.

Last season, I was able to get in 2 range sessions and about 5 rounds of golf before the temperatures dropped and the snow arrived. I felt good about my new irons and struck them solid at the end of last season.


My early season swing hasn't come around yet and it's causing major inconsistencies with my iron play. I have no confidence when i look down at the ball, with an iron in my hand.


The lack of confidence leads me to disliking: the bulky topline, the wide sole, the huge cavity protruding outward, the thin TM grip, my grip, my swing, my alignment, my trajectory, etc...


My dad always said   "It's not the arrow, it's the Indian."  and he's right!


I guess my out of shape muscles need some time.. Then slowly..  my swing will comeback, my ball striking will come back, my confidence will come back, and ultimately the scores will comeback!


I suppose, If none of us struggled, then we wouldn't feel as good when we achieve..



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(38-40) 78, two birdies, one double, and a few bogies. Hit the ball nicely and had several nice sand shots but couldn't convert. Have to admit, this course isn't very penal for wayward shots off the tee and is relatively short (6,300).



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Shot a 42 last night in the first week of my league. Felt pretty good, cosidering it was 45 degrees, soaking wet, and 20 mph winds. Also, it was my first time swinging since I jacked my back up last september. Was very happy to get out and play

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43 last night. My scores are trending up, not sure why because the overall quality of my golf has improved. Last year I was pretty consistent, lot's of bogeys with some pars and birdies here and there. I'm hitting more FIR and GIR and I making par more frequently but there's a hole or two every time I'm out where the number gets high. Example last night 6 pars with a triple and two doubles. The penalties are the biggest factor and in most instances just odd and random. Not trying to force anything just really bad shots that come out of nowhere.

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A sprained left ankle, and swing changes, i've been flirting with upper 80's to mid 90's the past week. Yesterday was a nice 50, though i had a few decent shots, the 20+ mph wind got me good.

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I'm stuck in a pattern this season, one good nine, one bad one. Yesterday was 47-40-87.

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46-43 (89) for my first round of the season, on a tougher course. Was a bit rusty all-around but managed to get back into the swing of things towards the end. I even managed to chip-in at the 14th from a greenside hill.

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Got away from work early for a 41 with a triple. Even through 4 and cruising. A poor effort and 3 putt on a par 3, nearly chipped in for bird on #6 and then bam into a pond to come undone. This is driving me nuts.

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51/42 for a 93 on my home course.  Beautiful 90-degree spring day in Arizona.  To be honest, the day was so perfect that I still would have enjoyed it if I had shot a 120...just an all-around great day to be on the course.

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6,629 yds. 71.6/124.

80. Had to quit after 14 holes last week with bad tendonitis and was really gun shy about getting down to the ball..... Still, hit 9 greens, but putted like an absolute goober. Gonna take the weekend off, just to rest the elbow a few more days.
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I played terrible today for the 2nd week in a row. Shot 91 on the White Course at Eisenhower Park.

I can't wait for the wind to die down. And the aerated greens are now starting to annoy me. 

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