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Brampton Park GC

White Tees, 6310 Yards, Par 71, SSS71

Stableford Competition - 36 points


Out: 55 - 0 FIR, 0 GIR, 1 bogey, 7 double bogeys, 1 quadruple bogey, 18 putts - 2x1 putts, 5x2 putts, 2x3 putts and 2 lost balls! 

In:    49 - 5 FIR, 3 FIR, 2 pars, 3 bogeys, 3 double bogeys, 1 quintuple bogey, 19 putts - 2x1 putts, 4x2 putts, 3x3 putts and 2 lost balls!

Total: 104


- This is the third competition Ive entered.

- 4x1 putt equals my one putt record!

- Couldnt hit a FIR or GIR on the way out even if it was as wide as a country barn door!

- For the first time ever I hit the fairway and green in regulation on the 18th hole...only to stuff it up completely with a messy three putt (and that after the ball just shaved pass the hole for a birdie!).

- This is an improvement over my last competition round where I shot a terrible 113, which included 9 lost balls!

- The four holes I lost balls on were my four worst holes (3 double bogeys and a quintuple bogey!)

- My short game and putting was on fire though and pulled back a lot of potential double and triple bogeys to just bogeys!

- My tee shots are so inconsistent! The holes where I scored low (ie. par and bogey) where achieved thanks to being able to get off the tee with decent drives! Sadly, Im hitting too many 3 yard drives so hopefully attending a driving clinic next weekend will help sort my driving inconsistency!





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Shot a 111 today at Van Cortland in NYC.  Shot a 60 on the front 9, which was about average for me, then a 51 on the back, including my first birdie ever (yes I'm pretty bad), also had 5 bogeys and 1 par.  Lots of 7's and 8's on the front nine, and a 9 on one hole on the back (on a par 3 c1_cursing.gif).



Very pumped about the birdie, 153 yd uphill par 3, hit a 6 iron to about a 10 foot putt and made it.

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, had 45 point today and won a trophy day. Hit almost every shot great, but when I didn't I, I rethought my game and played safe and it payed off for me.
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Started on fire the first four holes (bogey golf is always my goal). Kept it mostly together on the way out, but blew up on the back nine. Highlighted by thinning a long greenside bunker shot into some woods over the green on 16. 


I really hit some great shots on the front, and hit a couple great punch and run shots to the green as well. I think I may be fighting the hook too hard and starting to push everything right, but that's a range problem, not a course problem.


I need to work on my pitching (getting my first putts closer) and my putting. They're tied together, but both were bad today. Get closer to make it easier on myself.

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Shot 92 on the closest thing I have to a home course (meaning I play there more than any other club). I think I played much better than my score indicates. I can think of three good reasons why:

1. I made several stupid mental mistakes, one of which lead to a snowman.
2. The ace of play was all jacked up today and I waited on every tee for substantial amount of time on the back nine. I was just ready to go by the last couple of holes.
3. With the cold weather and rain we've had recently the greens and areas right around the, are just in terrible shape. I was never able to find any rhythm on the greens today. Had 3 GIR that I 3 putted.

So, overall I was happy with my play.
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93. Played from the blues. Course was under 5 feet of water 2 weeks ago, so i opened with 3 straight three putts ans finished with 5 of them. Just couldn't seem to hit it hard enough. Goal going in was an 90. So minus the three putts and i shot on target.
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I played a 9 hole round and shot 56. The weather was perfect. I've been working the last couple of weeks to improve my poor iron play and the effort payed off. Made a few GIR and the ones I missed were either close or missed as a result of poor tee shots. As is usually the case, when part of my game improves another goes bad. My driver and woods - which had previously been ok - got me in trouble and I had a couple of blowup holes contribute to the high score. The last couple of holes showed improvement with those clubs. Short game and putting were ok. 


My goal to shoot sub 50/100 seemed achievable today. Overall, very positive feeling.

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First round of the year - Finally


Winter lessons paid off, all my 'hitting' was very nice - my first two driving holes were extremely long and in the center - great to hit that very first shot of the year and nail it..  New chipping/pitching technique is working so much better (chip/pitch was all from a thread I read here....)


Putting is crap.  Only downside - so biggest opportunity was 3 putting when I'm GIR.  I'm thinking that's a very good sign.


38 on a par 34 (only 9 today) - Crappy little set of courses at this place, but a bit easier.  Took the wife for her very first full 9 game ever.  She did very well, especially holes 3 - 7, before losing her what swing she had.  She'll be a pretty decent player after a couple lesson IMO.  Maybe very good.  She even hit one par 3 on the drive - on her first ever round....


VERY windy.  A couple birdies (one was an eagle opportunity, but a long putt required) already so I'm excited.  Just need a bit of putting on real greens now and better conditioned ones.

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Shot an 86 on a par 72 course with a rating of 71.1 and a slope of 129. +11 47 on the front nine, not good at all. I normally score a few shots worse on the back 9 of this course, but end up shooting +3 39 on the back, probably the best 9 holes I've ever played. Crazy game!!
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Got to play 2 rounds today broke my first goal of summer of breaking 75, my course is a 68.7/123 Par 36-36--72 6000.  I shot





In 50-60 degree weather with 10-15mph winds and drizzle all day.


Wish I could of put my back 9 from first round and front 9 from second round together, I would of shot 1 under. Well new goal by end of summer, break 70.

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Shoot 70, 2 under. Went out to focus on shots, hit 14 greens, 11 fairways, and had 30 putts. Coming together nicely this spring.
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I shot 100 even on a course that I have never played before on Saturday.  I shot a 48 on the front 9 and a 52 on the back nine.  I was in a match play event though so the score was not my first priority and it showed as two holes I wound up conceding and taking 8's on. 


We played Talamore Golf Resort by Rees Jones.  Front 9 is par 36 back 9 is 35 for 71 total.  Course is 6025 yards, and honestly could have been quite a bit lower, but couldn't make a putt to save my life.  Overall not pleased with the way I shot, but not disappointed as I won my match. 

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No golf for me yesterday. Booked a time, got to the course and the starter says no go, too many people on the course. So many they ran out of carts. More than 4 groups backed up on 1 and 10. The high temps packed the courses here last weekend. Never seen anything like it. Hope it settles down a bit or I'm stuck playing early in the morning during the week. Still not enough light to make it through after work.

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90. Miserable golf. Used the TORC beforehand and wonder if it messed up my swing. It's been quite awhile since I played this poorly. Tempted to go back out to the range and straighten things out. Hideous golf.



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Sunday: shot a double bogey and birdie free 78.


Could not sink a putt to save my life z1_censored.gif


Had 7 Pars in a row on the back 9, never thought I would find myself complaining about Par. :)




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(93) 52-41 on the first 18
(88) 44-44 on the second 18

Didn't hit balls before I played today. Can you tell? Haha
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92, 46 front and back. +20, best score so far in my short golfing "career"
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6857 yds. 72.5/128.

78. Drive buried in the lip of a bunker on a relatively easy par 4 led to a silly double. Golfer's elbow tendinitis still a little bothersome, but seems to be forcing me to swing easily and smoothly.....

......if it gets too much better, I may have to hit myself in the elbow with a hammer! a1_smile.gif
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